11 April 2021


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FIVB announces names of last 2 cities that will host 2022 World Champs in Russia!

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The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) announced names of the remaining 2 cities that will host the 2022 World Championship in Russia: Kemerovo and Yaroslavl.

Kemerovo is home to the current champions of the Russian Superliga, Kuzbass, source of several players of the national team like Kobzar, Poletaev or Podlesnykh. Instead, the team that competes in Yaroslavl, Yaroslavich, has a strong Volleyball tradition as 4 Olympic champions from London 2012: Mikhailov, Grankin, Berezhko and Sokolov were raised in its youth team.
Kemerovo and Yaroslavl joined the other 8 cities in which the World Championship (August 26 – September 11, 2022) will be played. Russia will host the first World Championship as an independent country (the Soviet Union organized tournaments in 1952 and 1962).

Source: volley.ru – Photo: Wikipedia

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