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Finland: VaLePa celebrate title for 5th season in row (and 2 long-time National Team members retire after end of final series…)

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One of the most exciting and hard fought playoff final series in the world of club volleyball this season, the one in the 2021/22 Mestaruusliiga Miehet, the Finnish Championship, ended with the triumph of VaLePa Sastamala Tampere.

VaLePa celebrate the title for the 7th time in the club history, and for the 5th time in a row.
Game 7 of the finals crowned the amazing final series of the competition. In front of nearly 3,000 home fans (and the interest was so big that more people would’ve come to the stands if the motorcycle fair wasn’t in progress in Kuopio!) the regular season leaders Savo Volley succumbed to No.2 VaLePa with a score of 0-3.
The Vammala-based side closed the series at 4-3 and lifted the trophy.

Matias Tihumäki top-scored today the winners with 16 points. It was an emotional day for the crowd as the two Savo stars and also long-time members of the Finland National Team, Olli-Pekka Ojansivu and Antti Siltala, announced their retirement.


🏐| 2021/22 Mestaruusliiga Miehet – Final

| Game 7April 23, 2022

• Savo Volley – VaLePa Sastamala
Tampere 0-3 (19:25, 23:25, 20:25) Serie: 3-4


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