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VOLLEYBALL TRANSFERS 2022/23 – Others -3


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🏐Muryllo Coutinho (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇾Enosis Paralimni to 🇪🇸CV Teruel
🏐Antti Ropponen (🇫🇮)–Opposite–from 🇫🇮Hurrikaani Loimaa to 🇨🇭Biogas Volley Näfels
🏐Leandro Mejía (🇨🇴)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇭Concordia Volley Luzern to 🇨🇭Biogas Volley Näfels
🏐Allan Tschupp (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇵🇹Voleibol Clube Vian
🏐Igor Iuri Silva Nascimento (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇸CDV Río Duero Soria to 🇭🇺Pénzügyőr SE
🏐Philipp Schumann (🇩🇪)–Opposite–from 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching to 🇩🇪TSV Haching München
🏐Nicholas Butler (🇦🇺)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt
🏐Jeff Lam (🇨🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇺🇸Lourdes University to 🇸🇪Floby VK
🏐Arthur Nath (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪SVG Lüneburg to 🇦🇹Hypo Tirol Innsbruck
🏐Stijn Van Schie (🇳🇱)–Opposite–from 🇧🇪Knack Volley Roeselare to 🇨🇿České Budějovice
🏐Tine Urnaut (🇸🇮)–Outside Hitter–from 🇷🇺Zenit St. Petersburg to 🇯🇵JTEKT Stings
🏐Masahiro Sekita (🇯🇵)–Setter–from 🇵🇱Cuprum Lubin to 🇯🇵JTEKT Stings
🏐Emil Blankholm Pedersen (🇩🇰)–Opposite–from 🇩🇰VK Vestsjælland to 🇨🇦UNB Reds
🏐Benjamin Studer (🇨🇭)–Libero–from 🇨🇭Volley Oberdiessbach to 🇨🇭Volley Schönenwerd
🏐Igor Jovanović (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇪🇸Unicaja Costa de Almería to 🇮🇹Agnelli Tipiesse Bergamo
🏐Anastasios Aspiotis (🇬🇷)–Opposite–from 🇨🇾Pafiakos Paphos to 🇦🇹SK AICH/DOB
🏐Luiz Philippe Oliveira (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇷Uberlândia Academia do Vôlei to 🇵🇹Castêlo da Maia
🏐Rodrigo Leme (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇸🇦Al-Hilal VC to 🇧🇷Apan Vôlei/Blumenau
🏐Gabriel Ferreira Garcia (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇧🇷Funvic/Educacion/Natal to 🇪🇸Arenal Emevé
🏐Lucas Conde (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇦🇷Once Unidos to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Johannes Tille (🇩🇪)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys
🏐Jan Lopuch (🇵🇱)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇱SMS PZPS Spała II to 🇺🇸Saint Xavier University
🏐Matheus Faustino (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Luke Herr (🇨🇦)–Setter–from 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching to 🇬🇷AONS Milon
🏐Hidde Boswinkel (🇳🇱)–Opposite–from 🇮🇹Maury’s Com Cavi Tuscania to 🇳🇱Lammerink Installitiegroep Set-Up ’65
🏐Lykourgos Roussis (🇬🇷)–Setter–from 🇬🇷AS Kerkis to 🇬🇷AEK Athens
🏐NIkos Palentzas (🇬🇷)–Opposite–from 🇬🇷Kalamata 80 to 🇬🇷AEK Athens
🏐Spyros Barbounis (🇬🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷AS Kerkis to 🇬🇷AEK Athens
🏐Brandon Rattray (🇺🇸)–Opposite–from 🇩🇪Energiequelle Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Sergey Grankin (🇷🇺)–Setter–from 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys to 🇷🇺Fakel Novy Urengoy
🏐Elias Benjaminsson (🇸🇪)–Libero–from 🇸🇪RIG Falköping to 🇸🇪Floby VK
🏐Murat Yenipazar (🇹🇷)–Setter–from 🇹🇷Galatasaray HDI Istanbul to 🇺🇦Barkom-Kazhany
🏐Paolo Zonca (🇮🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Leonard Graven (🇩🇪)–Libero–from 🇩🇪ASV Dachau to 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching
🏐Miloš Vemić (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇿SKV Usti nad Labem to 🇷🇸OK Karađorđe Topola
🏐Connor McConnell (🇨🇦)–Opposite–from 🇸🇮Panvita Pomgrad to 🇸🇮Merkur Maribor
🏐Rob Geudens (🇧🇪)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇪BDO Haasrode Leuven to 🇧🇪BVMV Volley Noorderkempen
🏐Ilian Sterckx (🇧🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪BDO Haasrode Leuven to 🇧🇪Mendo Booischot
🏐Sietse De Bruyn (🇧🇪)–Outside Hitter–🇧🇪Topsportschool Vilvoorde–from 🇧🇪BDO Haasrode Leuven
🏐Sibren Peters (🇧🇪)–Libero–from 🇧🇪Tectum Achel to 🇧🇪BDO Haasrode Leuven
🏐Hendrik Tuerlinckx (🇧🇪)–Opposite–from 🇶🇦Al Ahli S.C. to 🇧🇪BDO Haasrode Leuven
🏐Alpár Szabó (🇭🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇭🇺Kecskeméti RC to 🇦🇹SK AICH/DOB
🏐Tom Van de Boogaard (🇳🇱)–Outside Hitter–from 🇳🇱Taurus to 🇳🇱VC Sneek
🏐Rutger Zoodsma (🇳🇱)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇪VBC Waremme to 🇳🇱VC Sneek
🏐Stefano Patriarca (🇮🇹)–Middle-blocker–from 🇮🇹CSI Brescia to 🇧🇬Deya Volley
🏐Federico Pereyra (🇦🇷)–Opposite–from 🇦🇷UPCN Voley Club to 🇮🇹Emma Villas Aubay Siena
🏐Goran Bjelica (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇾Anorthosis Famagusta to 🇷🇸Mladi Radnik Požarevac
🏐Armando Velásquez (🇻🇪)–Setter–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Ryan Coenen (🇺🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇱BBTS Bielsko-Biała to 🇳🇱Lycurgus Volleyball
🏐Oskar Kjerstein Madsen (🇩🇰)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt
🏐Adam Bartoš (🇨🇿)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇧🇪VC Greenyard Maaseik
🏐Aaron Russell (🇺🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza to 🇯🇵JT Thunders Hiroshima
🏐Peter Ondrovič (🇸🇰)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇪Lindemans Aalst to 🇨🇿České Budějovice
🏐Valentin Bratoev (🇧🇬)–Outside Hitter–from 🇨🇳Tianjin Food Group to 🇧🇬Deya Volley
🏐Liam McCluskey (🇧🇪)–Setter–from 🇧🇪VC Greenyard Maaseik to 🇳🇱Active Living Orion
🏐Miguel De Amo (🇪🇸)–Setter to 🇨🇿České Budějovice to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Byron Keturakis (🇨🇦)–Setter–from 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt to 🇩🇪Energiequelle Netzhoppers KW-Bestensee
🏐Judson Nunes (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇷Vôlei Renata/Campinas to 🇧🇷Suzano Vôlei
🏐Abdel-Aziz Doumbia (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇧🇪Caruur Volley Gent
🏐Rubén López García (🇪🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇸Melilla Sport Capital to 🇪🇸CV Teruel
🏐Žarko Kisić (🇧🇦)–Setter–from 🇧🇦OK Mladost Brčko to 🇷🇸Mladi Radnik Požarevac
🏐Nemanja Cubrilo (🇷🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇷🇸Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad to 🇷🇸Mladi Radnik Požarevac
🏐Marko Sindjelic (🇷🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇺🇦Barkom-Kazhany to 🇷🇸Mladi Radnik Požarevac
🏐Niels Lipke (🇳🇱)–Libero–from 🇳🇱Taurus to 🇳🇱Draisma Dynamo Apeldoorn
🏐Daniel Ruiz Posadas (🇪🇸)–Libero–from 🇪🇸Feníe Energía Mallorca Voley Palma to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Colton Cowell (🇺🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇳Kochi Blue Spikers to 🇩🇪SVG Lüneburg


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