10 December 2023


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The current state of play: five teams already eliminated!

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In Pool A it is now a race to 2, between Argentina (which has to play two matches) and Japan that focuses on direct clash to bypass the Velasco’s team. More will be known this evening, after the match that Argentina will play against Slovenia, still in contention for the first place.
Qualify: Italy, Slovenia and Belgium.
Eliminated: Dominican Republic.

Pool B is definitely one of the most complicated pool, in which can still happen a lot. Brazil has to play two matches and in theory it could qualified as first, or to be eliminated. The Netherlands after the great victories against Brazil and France, will play facing the already eliminated China. This can give clearer indications on the final standings? Canada has the best ranking, but the worst calendar (today with Brazil and tomorrow the last match with France). France, that has already cut the ticket for the second round, which however will be facing with two defeats.
Qualify: Canada, Holland and France.
Eliminated: China.

The Pool C, before the world championship, was considered the most difficult to predict, but the calendar has already given one important verdict: USA, with the exception of unforeseen contingencies in the match against Tunisia, will finish in first place. Behind them the final direct confrontation between Russia and Serbia will tell who will be the second. Russia have to play two more matches against Cameroon and Serbia. If, thanks to a miracle, Cameroon win, would even risk the qualification for the second round. If Australia beat Tunisia (already eliminated) today, it will guarantee the qualification.
Qualify: United States and Serbia.
Eliminated: Tunisia.

Everything is still possible in Pool D. Poland still at full points must confirm its record in the two most difficult matches against Iran and Bulgaria. Iran still have some chances for the first place, and will play first with Poland, then with the already qualified Finland. Already eliminated Cuba and Puerto Rico, which today challenge each other for a comforting Caribbean superiority.
Qualify: Poland, Iran, Bulgaria and Finland.
Eliminated: Puerto Rico and Cuba.

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