11 December 2023


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#France Round 14: no problem for Chaumont against Sete, victory in straight sets also for Narbonne.

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If yesterday the first part of Round 14 was played, with Montpellier’s victory in four sets against Toulouse, the great home victory of Nice against leaders of Rennes at tie break, and Nantes which wins in straight sets against Cannes (recap is here), today other two matches were played.
No problem for Chaumont, which defeated Sete in straight sets (Sete remains on the bottom of the standings). Despite a very balanced start, and an escape attempt until 16:13 of the first set, there was nothing to do for the hosts, who suffered another defeat.
Vasyl Tupchii was once again the best of his team, but once again he was not enough: the opposite of Sete scored 17 points and a good 57% attack. On the other side Taylor Averill played a perfect match: 19 points (11 in attack, with 73%, 5 aces and 6 winning blocks of the 13 total of Chaumont, against only 3 of the opponents).
Victory with the same result, in straight sets, also for Narbonne which now leads itself to +3 from Cannes in the fight for salvation.
With the exception of the second set, in which Tourcoing attempted a comeback on the final, the match was without history. The hosts have always led the game, deservedly winning 3 points really very important for them.
Arpad Baroti was the top scorer of the match with 18 points and 40% in attack, while Lisandro Zanotti contributed with 14. Positive debut for the new purchase of Narbonne, the setter Jaumel (hired in November could however be deployed only from the first round of the second-leg).
On the other side, only Ronald Jimenez reached a double-digit performance scoring 17 points with a good 61% in attack.
Tomorrow the last match of this round: Tours-Ajaccio.


Sete-Chaumont 0:3

Narbonne-Tourcoing 3:0

Tomorrow: Tours-Ajaccio

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