24 September 2023


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#International: Tuomas Sammelvuo is the new head coach of Russia

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Russian Men’s National team got the new head coach. Thr current coach of Kuzbass Kemerovo Tuomas Sammelvuo is the new head coach.
By the decision of the All-Russia Volleyball Federation presidency, the 43-year-old Finnish coach, current coach of Kuzbass Kemerovo, Tuomas Sammelvuo was appointed as a new coach for a Russian men’s team.

Comment of Stanislav Shevchenko, President of the All-Russia Volleyball Federation:
On the eve of the All-Russia Volleyball Federation presidency meeting, the Expert Council presented the programs of four candiates – Tuomas Sammelvuo, Alexander Klimkin, Slobodan Kovac and Lorenzo Bernardi. After a long discussion, two candidates – Sammelvuo and Klimkin – were submitted to the Presidency. Through the discussion, the Presidency members’ views were exchanged, voting was conducted and Sammelvuo was elected by a majority of votes. Of course, on the decision of the presidency influenced how well a Finnish expert works in Kuzbass Kemerovo and his commitment to volleyball. I remind you that Sammelvuo already as a player gained knowledge of the conditions and situation in our volleyball.”

Source: http://www.volley.ru

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