8 December 2023


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#France: The final is Tours-Chaumont!

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After tonight’s game, it is known that the French Ligue A final will be Tours-Chaumont, just as it was for the Coupe de France final!
After a first set in which I do not know if it is right to say that Ajaccio was superlative, or Chaumont was non-existent, ended up with an embarrassing 25-12 in favor of the hosts, the light was turned off for Ajaccio, and the opponents literally dominated the other three sets of the match.
In a sold out arena, it was Chaumont who led the game from the second set onwards, claiming a spot in the final without too much difficulty and with a superlative performance at the service with 12 aces (5 of Captain Geiler) against the only 3 of Ajaccio. Superiority also with the winning-blocks, 5 for the hosts and 11 for the winners.
On the winning side Atanasov had a great performance, scoring 17 points and 59% in attack. Good also Fernandez, author of 10 points, 75% in attack, 3 winning-blocks and 1 ace. Carle was the top scorer of Ajaccio with 16 points and 50% in attack.
But congratulations to Ajaccio and Nice for this season! The satisfactions, despite the defeat in the semifinals, were certainly not missed.

Ajaccio-Chaumont 1:3

All Semifinals:

Chaumont-Ajaccio 3:0
Nice-Tours 2:3GALLERY

Ajaccio-Chaumont 3:1
Tours*-Nice 3:0GALLERY

Ajaccio-Chaumont* 1:3

Game 1 — Chaumont-Tours (May, 7)
Game 2 — Tours-Chaumont (May, 10)
Ev.Game 3 — Tours-Chaumont (May, 11)

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