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#Italy: Piacenza back to Superlega, Bergamo defeated at tie break in Game 3.

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There is no need to play Game 4 and Game 5 in italian Serie A2 finals: the duel between Gas Sales Piacenza and Olimpia Bergamo ends in only three matches, and with the same result as Italian National Cup of Serie A2, won by Piacenza in Bologna on February 10.
A tie break, so, between Piacenza and Bergamo and another medal for the Emilian team, with the difference that this time it is worth the maximum series.
The promotion arrives a the most painful way, with a dramatic tie-break after having been under 1-0 and 2-1, at the end of a tie-break that held the home fans with a great suspense.
In the first set Piacenza starts in a better way, led by Sabbi and Tondo, that take the maximum advantage at 19:14. Then Bergamo starts to recover a few points, exploits a couple of Gas Sales mistakes to draws at 22, and at the first opportunity, taking advantage of a contested ball, won the first set, taking ahead 1:0.
Also the second set was very balanced: the guests have no intention of lowering the pace and Piacenza take a little advantage at 22:20 with an error by Romanò and in the final Klobucar and Yudin’s winning-block is worth 25:22.
Piacenza starts better in the third set and Tondo scored 9:6. The hosts remain ahead until 16:11, but when the partial seems lost, Bergamo scored 18. Point to point, with Piacenza that cancels two set points but Bergamo take the 2:1 advantage.
In fourth set Bergamo starts better, but it is Piacenza, with a Fei’s ace to win the set and bring the match at the tie break.
At tie break, a winning-block on Klobucar brings Bergamo to 9:7, then Sabbi solves the match, and after two very important points, he places an impressive ace of 13:12 before a Yudin’s point that is worth the 15:13 and makes the PalaBanca explode.

Gas Sales Piacenza – Olimpia Bergamo 3-2 (23:25, 25:22, 24:26, 25:20, 15:13)
Gas Sales Piacenza: Paris 4, Klobucar 10, Tondo 11, Sabbi 27, Yudin 16, Fei 7, Cereda (L), Mercorio 0, Canella 0, Fanuli (L). N.E. Ceccato, De Biasi, Copelli, Ingrosso. Coach. Botti.
Olimpia Bergamo: Garnica 2, Tiozzo 12, Cargioli 9, Romanò 24, Shavrak 16, Erati 6, Franzoni (L), Cristofaletti 0, Innocenti (L), Sette 4, Gritti 0. N.E. Cogliati, Cioffi. Coach. Spanakis.
Credem Banca MVP Finals: Giulio Sabbi

Italian Serie A2 Playoffs (Legavolley):

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