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#Russia: Verbov about Zenit Kazan: “In the last three weeks, the team fell apart”

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Sad season for Zenit Kazan: they are staying empty handed if we talk about the main trophies, Russian League and Champions League. And the team from Kazan was dominating in the domestic league and Champions League since 2014!

The player/coach Alexey Verbov has tried to explain what happened with the team in the previous weeks (sport.business-gazeta.ru):
Both Kuzbass and Lube are good teams that deserve the best epithets. However, in the last three weeks, we fell apart. We need to do a deep analysis to find out why we played in that way. We need to look at each other – the players, the coaching staff. We have to take responsibility. Probably we all need some kind of restart, to change the attitude toward the game. There were moments when we won matches or even titles but we were not particularly happy. It became a habit, it became an everyday job. Reaching the finals is no longer considered an achievement. In the new season, you need to create a team that will enjoy any victories. Probably we played the best game against Perugia. Wilfredo Leon gave us a huge motivation. We also played well against Fakel a team that beat us during the season. For some reason, it was not possible to keep up with this level. We, the whole Zenit Kazan team, need to unite now to get over this situation,” he says.

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