4 February 2023


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Heartwarming gesture of Vital Heynen: he gives his World Cup medal to a guy suffering from cancer

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What Vital Heynen promises, Vital Heynen fulfills: the belgian expert, currently at the helm of Poland Volleyball National Team and italian club Sir Safety Perugia did a really heartwarming thing.
At the end of the 2019 FIVB World Cup in Japan, he posted an unusual tweet, promising to gift the silver medal, which he won with Poland National Team, to someone whose life story touches him the most.

Yes, I have another medal… silver from the World Cup. But why it shouldn’t belong to one of you? Send me your stories, and the hero of the one who touches me the most will receive my medal,” he wrote on October 18.
More than a month afterward, the 50-year-old made the gesture worth great admiration from the fans.
A unique meeting with a hero of a unique story…Yes, the silver medal from the World Cup has a new owner – Jakub Procanin. Thank you for each of several hundred e-mails, for all the stories and for all the emotions that you gave me. You are amazing,” Heynen posted on his Twitter account.

The story of Procanin is really sad. A volleyball player from the city of Jasło encountered an unyielding opponent before he turned 23: cancer. He suffers from a tumor in his left hand which has returned after he beat it once. Unfortunately, Procanin’s hand was amputated and now he collects money for a prosthetic limb. However, what is amazing is that despite the lack of a left hand, Procanin still plays volleyball and is a captain of the third division team MKS MOSiR Jasło. Really congratulations!


Sources: Vital Heynen on Twitter, sport.interia.pl

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