31 January 2023


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Earvin Ngapeth tested positive for coronavirus.

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Earvin Ngapeth tested positive for coronavirus. After the end of the regular season in Russia, on March 8, to the French outside-hitter of Zenit Kazan was granted a short vacation in France. The morning after his return, four days later, he did not show up for training and called the team doctor avoiding any contact with his teammates. The player was admitted to the Kazan hospital at infectious diseases department and tested positive for coronavirus. His condition is good, as he wrote on his Instagram profile.

The Director of Zenit-Kazan, Oleg Bryzgalov, confirmed that their player Earvin Ngapeth is hospitalized. The official announcement of the Russian club, however, didn’t specify it was due to coronavirus infection.

“After the completion of the regular championship of Russia, our players were given several days of rest, which Earvin Ngapeth spent in his homeland. He returned to Kazan by night flight. The next morning, he contacted the club doctor, reporting signs of a cold. Our doctor asked him to stay at home, not to contact anyone and called the hotline. A special ambulance team arrived at Ngapeth’s home to hospitalize him at the Infectious Disease Hospital,” Bryzgalov stated and added that Ngapeth is now under the supervision of doctors, he feels good and his condition has a positive trend.

On Tuesday, Russian media reported that the first case of coronavirus infection was detected in Kazan and that it was a French citizen, whose name was not revealed.
Unlike Zenit’s official announcement, the club General Director Ilykhan Rakhmatullin clearly stated for TASS that Ngapeth has coronavirus.

The test is positive. He came from France, there was no contact of him with anyone from the club. He felt a fever, he was at home alone, his family was in France. He called the doctor, we immediately reacted. When the temperature didn’t go down in the evening, we called the hotline, and he was taken to the infectious clinic.

Recall that Ngapeth has recently extended the contract with Zenit , and he isn’t the only volleyball player infected with the new COVID-19 virus.


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