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Italy: Volleyball proclaimed most dangerous sport regarding risk of contagion with COVID-19

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Recent research of the Polytechnic of Turin caused a lot of controversy among prominent volleyball players and coaches in Italy, but also beyond the country.
The study that was commissioned by the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) and conducted by the Polytechnic of Turin for the purpose of safely restarting sports after the coronavirus pandemic showed that volleyball is the most dangerous sport from the point of view of the risk of contagion with COVID-19.

That’s incredible, but volleyball was put at the No.1 even in front sports having face-to-face challenges such as boxing or sports having direct physical contacts such as Basketball or rugby.
The 404-page document released by the Polytechnic of Turin was made by collecting thousands of questionnaires distributed to the federations of 387 sports disciplines.

Source: repubblica.it

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