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Italy: this is the new SuperLega Credem Banca

The curtain falls on the SuperLega Credem Banca 2020/21 market. Few in changes of coaches: the cycle ends for coach Baldovin at the helm of Padova, determined to get back into the game for the renewed Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia. To gather his legacy in the team of Padova is Cuttini, from Prata di Pordenone.
The athletes market were lively: intertwining between historical rivals, with the World Champions Cucine Lube Civitanova, with the renewals of Leal and Simon, whose setter will be Luciano De Cecco, from Perugia, to fill the empty left by Bruninho, returned to Brazil. Renewed ambitions for Itas Trentino, with the arrivals of Brazilian outside-hitter Lucarelli and the Dutch opposite Abdel-Aziz, from Milano. Kooy, Podrascanin and Rossini are also on the way. Orphaned by champions such as Zaytsev and Anderson, migrated abroad, Leo Shoes Modena will be able to count on the return of Vettori and Petric, led by one of the best liberos in the world Grebennikov, focusing on Lavia’s talent as outside-hitter and Stankovic’s experience at the center. Some additions also for Sir Safety Conad Perugia, which proposes Travica and Zimmermann as setters, and the Argentine Solé as a new middle-blocker.
Allian Milano, on the other hand, will be able to count on the new Ishikawa, Maar and Patry, while Gas Sales Piacenza changes its face for a qualitative leap with Hierrezuelo, Grozer and Russell.
Authentic revolution for the Top Volley Cisterna, which brings Sabbi and Tillie back to Italy.
Many young players instead for Consar Ravenna, while Vero Volley Monza welcomes the new middle-blocker Holt, from Modena.
Interestingly, Filippo Lanza is still on the roster of Perugia ….


ALLIANZ MILANO: Basic (outside-hitter), Daldello (setter), Ishikawa (outside-hitter), Kozamernik (middle-blocker), Maar (outside-hitter), Meschiari (outside-hitter), Mosca (middle-blocker), Patry (opposite), Pesaresi (libero), Piano (middle-blocker), Sbertoli (setter), Staforini (libero). Coach. Piazza

CONSAR RAVENNA: Arasomwan (middle-blocker), Batak (setter), Giuliani (libero), Grozdanov (middle-blocker), Kovacic (libero), Loeppky (outside-hitter), Mengozzi (middle-blocker), Pinali (opposite), Recine (outside-hitter), Redwitz (setter), Stefani (outside-hitter), Zonca (outside-hitter). Coach. Bonitta

CUCINE LUBE CIVITANOVA: Anzani (middle-blocker), Balaso (libero), De Cecco (setter), Diamantini (middle-blocker), Falaschi (setter), Hadrava (opposite), Juantorena (outside-hitter), Kovar (outside-hitter), Larizza (middle-blocker), Leal (outside-hitter), Marchisio (libero), Rychlicki (opposite), Simon (middle-blocker), Yant (outside-hitter). Coach. De Giorgi

GAS SALES BLUENERGY PIACENZA: Antonov (outside-hitter), Botto (outside-hitter), Candellaro (middle-blocker), Clevenot (outside-hitter), Fanuli (libero), Grozer (opposite), Hierrezuelo (setter), Izzo (setter), Polo (middle-blocker), Russell (outside-hitter), Scanferla (libero), Shaw (opposite), Tondo (middle-blocker). Coach. Gardini

ITAS TRENTINO: Abdel-Aziz (opposite), Argenta (opposite), Cortesia (middle-blocker), De Angelis (libero), Giannelli (setter), Kooy (outside-hitter), Lisinac (middle-blocker), Michieletto (outside-hitter), Podrascanin (middle-blocker), Rossini (libero), Santos De Souza Lucarelli (outside-hitter), Sosa Sierra (outside-hitter), Sperotto (setter). Coach. Lorenzetti

LEO SHOES MODENA: Bossi (middle-blocker), Christenson (setter), Estrada Mazorra (opposite), Grebennikov (libero), Iannelli (libero), Karlitzek (outside-hitter), Lavia (outside-hitter), Mazzone D. (middle-blocker), Petric (outside-hitter), Porro (setter), Rinaldi (outside-hitter), Sanguinetti (middle-blocker), Stankovic (middle-blocker), Vettori (opposite). Coach. Giani

NBV VERONA: Aguenier (middle-blocker), Asparuhov (outside-hitter), Bonami (libero), Boyer (opposite), Caneschi (middle-blocker), Donati (libero), Jaeschke (outside-hitter), Kaziyski (outside-hitter), Magalini (outside-hitter), Peslac (setter), Spirito (setter), Zanotti (middle-blocker). Coach. Stoytchev

PALLAVOLO PADOVA: Bottolo (outside-hitter), Canella (middle-blocker), Casaro (outside-hitter), Danani (libero), Ferrato (setter), Fusaro (middle-blocker), Gottardo (libero), Merlo (outside-hitter), Milan (outside-hitter), Shoji K. (setter), Stern (outside-hitter), Vitelli (middle-blocker), Volpato (middle-blocker), Wlodarczyk (outside-hitter). Coach. Cuttini

SIR SAFETY CONAD PERUGIA: Atanasijevic (opposite), Biglino (middle-blocker), Colaci (libero), Lanza (outside-hitter), Leon Venero (outside-hitter), Piccinelli (libero), Plotnytskyi (outside-hitter), Ricci (middle-blocker), Russo (middle-blocker), Solé (middle-blocker), Sossenheimer (outside-hitter), Ter Horst (outside-hitter), Travica (setter), Vernon-Evans (opposite), Zimmermann (setter). Coach. Heynen

TONNO CALLIPO CALABRIA VIBO VALENTIA: Almeida Cardoso (outside-hitter), Cester (middle-blocker), Chakravorti (setter), Chinenyeze (middle-blocker), Corrado (outside-hitter), Defalco (outside-hitter), Dirlic (outside-hitter), Dramé Neto Aboubacar (opposite), Fioretti (outside-hitter), Gargiulo (middle-blocker), Rizzo (libero), Rossard (outside-hitter), Saitta (setter), Sardanelli (libero). Coach. Baldovin

TOP VOLLEY CISTERNA: Cavaccini (libero), Cavuto (outside-hitter), Krick (middle-blocker), Onwuelo (outside-hitter), Randazzo (outside-hitter), Rondoni (libero), Rossato (outside-hitter), Rossi (middle-blocker), Sabbi (opposite), Seganov (setter), Sottile (setter), Szwarc (middle-blocker), Tillie (outside-hitter). Coach. Tubertini

VERO VOLLEY MONZA: Beretta (middle-blocker), Brunetti (libero), Calligaro (setter), Davyskiba (outside-hitter), Dzavoronok (outside-hitter), Falgari (outside-hitter), Federici (libero), Galassi (middle-blocker), Holt (middle-blocker), Lagumidzija (opposite), Orduna (setter), Ramirez Pita (outside-hitter), Sedlacek (outside-hitter). Coach. Soli

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