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Turkey: calendar and formula for the Cups defined. The season starts on August 31st.

The Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) has announced schedule and formula for the men’s and women’s Turkish Cup. For both genders, the 16 top league teams (Efelerligi for men and Sultanlarligi for women) were divided into 4 pools of 4 teams using last season’s ranking.
The first 2 of each pool (round robin to be played from 31 August to 2 September for men and from 4 September to 6 September for women) enter the quarterfinals which will be played in a single match in February, while the Final Four are scheduled for March.
The calendars of the regular season which will start on September 13 for women and presumably a week earlier for men will be announced on August 10.
Even if there is no formalization and venues, the two Super Cups should be played on 8 September (Fenerbahce-Arkas for men) and 9 (Vakifbank-Eczacibasi for women).

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