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Champions League: Pool G. The first tournament is canceled, and everything will be decided in Romania.

CEV maintained their decision to cancel the first Pool G tournament of the second qualifying round which was to be played in Jastrzebie-Zdroj from Tuesday to Thursday. The reason is the coronavirus cases recorded in Jastrzebski Wegiel and Fino Kaposvar. Pool G will therefore be decided by the tournament that CSM Arcada Galati (third and last team in the group) will host from 27 to 29 October.
A videoconference was held with the representatives of the 3 clubs to discuss the situation and, in this, Arcada Galati maintained its position of wanting to be awarded the first tournament for the forfeit of the other two teams. However, the CEV did not accept the Romanians’ request (a solution that is certainly “not sporting at all”, but which in fact the CEV itself had already applied in previous rounds to the detriment of the weaker teams).

The decision of the CEV is the correct one and the only possible one. It would have been absurd to punish both us and the Hungarians in favor of the Romanians,” commented Jastrzebski Wegiel coach Luke Reynolds, pleased to be able to play the qualification directly on the field.

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