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Heynen to change course of his career?

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Vital Heynen expressed the desire to work in women’s volleyball.
His contract with the Polish Volleyball Federation (PZPS) was valid until the end of this international season, which concluded with the 2021 CEV European Championship in 2021.
And the Belgian expert had already said goodbye to the Poland National Team and fans.
Theoretically, he can apply for the continuation of the work with the PZPS after its presidential elections finish, which will coincide with the end of this month, but it is highly unlikely to happen. Because apparently he has something else on his mind.

What’s next? I don’t know. I can shout loudly that I won’t do anything for the next five years, but no one would believe me. Even I wouldn’t. Women’s volleyball? I think I’m ready. I’ve been saying for a long time that leading the women’s team would be an interesting, new challenge for me. I talk a lot with the coaches of the women’s teams, such as Giovanni Guidetti. We think alike in many ways. I think a lot of ideas from men’s teams would work for women’s teams. I’d like to see if I’m right. I’d also like to test myself in other sports, and women’s volleyball, although it’s the same discipline, is a bit different than men’s. I’ve already worked with beach volleyball players on the same foundations and it worked very well. Is next year’s women’s World Championship, which will be held in Poland, tempting for me? Let me put it this way: I won’t say it isn’t,” he wrote for polish media WP SportoweFakty.

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