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Brazil: Sada Cruzeiro defeats Funvic in straight sets to lift fourth SuperCup in club history

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After 3 second places, Sada Cruzeiro coached by new Filipe returns to win the national Super Cup in just 3 sets, by beating the resized Funvic who, last summer, lost all their champions.
For the winners this is the fourth title in the competition (after 2015, 2016 and 2017), and the second this season after the success in the Mineiro Championship.

Match start with a little surprise in the sextets, with the absence of Riad in Funvic.
Good start for Elian who signs the ace of 8-7 and the pipe of 9-7. Cruzeiro responds with Wallace: counterattack (12-12), ace (12-13) and again counterattack (14-16). Isac blocks the opposing middle-blocker (14-17), but a counterattack by Fabio (16-17) and an ace by Krauchuk (19-19) reopen the set.
But the errors in attack by Murilo (19-21) and Ludegards (20-23), who entered the field in place of Elian, favor Cruzeiro who closes the set with an error in serving by Murilo.
Ludegards is still on the field in place of Elian also in the second set, but the outside-hitter gives 2 errors (2-5 and 2-6), while Lopez scores two points with the counterattack (0-2 and 2-7). One-way set, in which Funvic gives away a lot of points, and Sada Cruzeiro can close without problems 15-25.
Funvic starts better (4-1) in the third set, but it doesn’t last long: error by Murilo (5-4), Ludegards misses an attack (5-5), Lopez adds an ace (5-6), and Otavio a block (5-7). Krauchuk doesn’t give up and scores another ace (10-13). Bad evening for the Funvic middle-blockers who suffer the opposing blocks: another by Otavio (11-15).
In the final, Funvic gets closer (18-20), but wastes 2 counterattacks for the possible -1, which arrives with a block on Lopez: 21-22. Sada Cruzeiro, however, makes no further concessions, and closes at the first set point with the same Lopez: 22-25.


| SuperCupOctober 26, 2021

• Funvic/Educacoin Natal – Sada Cruzeiro 0-3 (22:25, 15:25, 22:25)
Funvic: Murilo Radke, Matheus Krauchuk, Luis Elian Estrada Mazorra, Fabio Rodrigues, Felipe Brito, Patrick Gasman, Thales Hoss; André Ludegards, Gabriel Gomes Dos Santos. Coach: Weber.
Cruzeiro: Fernando Kreling “Cachopa”, Wallace Souza, Rodrigo Leao “Rodriguinho”, Miguel Lopez, Isac Santos, Otavio Pinto, Lucas de Deus “Lukinha”. Coach: Filipe Ferraz.


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