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VNL 2022: Iran National Team and Earvin Ngapeth document poor conditions in Bologna….

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The Iranian national Volleyball Federation have announced on their Twitter account that they had an unpleasant welcome in Bologna, Italy.

The Italian volleyball federation did not provide dinner for the Iranian national volleyball team, while they knew the time and the date of arrival of the team,” they said.

But not only, as also the French national team member Earvin Ngapeth was not satisfied with the treatment in Italy.

We know you don’t care about our health but put some respect on us,” he writes on Instagram.

Even though he has been playing in Italy on a club level for many years, one of the star of the France Volleyball National Team had no mercy on the Italian federation, but also on the FIVB in regard to the organization of the Final 8 of the 2022 Volleyball Nations League that’s about to start in Bologna tomorrow, on July 20.

The Asians’ remark was related to the food and was quickly followed by Earvin Ngapeth’s critics of the bad treatment of the players there.
Moreover, the French star documented the facts by publishing a series of videos on his Instagram stories.
He mocked the rooms that the organizers of the VNL’s Final Eight have prepared.
In one of the videos, he and his roommate were moving the beds that were placed next to each other, and he was also outraged because these beds are too short for volleyball players.
He also showed the conditions in the canteen. The coaching staff member was eating his meal while sitting on the floor due to the lack of chairs, with volleyball players served him cutlery….

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