11 December 2023


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Volleyball Transfers 2022/23 – France


Last Update: Saturday – August 20, 2022 📆 12.10 🕐

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🏐Nikolay Penchev (🇧🇬)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇵🇱Asseco Resovia Rzeszów




🏐Kevin Alexander Carabali (🇨🇴)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇪🇸Barça Voleibol


🏐Isbel Mesa (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball to 🇵🇱Anioły Toruń
🏐Enzo Loiseau (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷VC Hyères-Pierrefeu
🏐Raphaël Pascal (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇨🇭Lausanne UC
🏐Hugo Lecat (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Volley Club Michelet Halluin to 🇨🇭Lausanne UC
🏐Amaury Auffray (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇦🇹SG UVC Weberzeile Ried/Innkreis
🏐Théo Bray (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Filip Cvetićanin (🇵🇹)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇷🇴SCM Zalău
🏐Víctor Rodríguez Pérez (🇪🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇪🇸Unicaja Costa de Almería
🏐Gabriel Bertolini (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇵🇹Sporting Clube de Portugal
🏐Krasimir Georgiev (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇧🇬Neftochimik Burgas
🏐Cyril Guittet (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien to 🇫🇷US Le Pontet
🏐Abdoulaye Soumaré (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Nenad Nikolić (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇩🇪FC Schüttorf 09 to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Lohan Lefaivre (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Joseph-Hervé Kofané (🇨🇲)–Middle-blocker–from 🇱🇻Harnes Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Álvaro Dourado (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇧🇷Café Vasconcelos/Imepac/Aracoop/Araguari
🏐Joel Regehr (🇨🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC to 🇦🇹Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel
🏐Andris Zadovskis (🇱🇻)–Outside Hitter–from 🇱🇻SK Vecumnieki to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Thomas Javelle (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷ASPTT Laval to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Roman Labazhevich (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Reims MV to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Yaniss China (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Volley Club Michelet Halluin
🏐Petelo Malivao (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien to 🇫🇷Volley Club Michelet Halluin
🏐Julien Winkelmuller (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇹🇷Allpower Akü Cizre Belediyespor
🏐Clément Adam (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇪VC Syneton Klein-Brabant Puurs to 🇫🇷Chartres Volley-Ball
🏐Julien Bourdon (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Christopher Suve (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Montpellier Croix d’Argent to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Julien Lemay (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇫🇷Volley Club Michelet Halluin
🏐Carlos Antony (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Chartres Volley-Ball
🏐Raphael Ossart (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Paris UC to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Mathias Pire (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪VBC Waremme to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Anthony Virapin (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Toky Rajoharivelo (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Lorry Florent (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Grenoble Volley Université Club to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Yacine Legrand (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Reims MV
🏐Maksim Budziukhin (🇧🇾)–Libero–from 🇧🇾Stroitel Mińsk to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Justin Delorme (🇨🇦)–Opposite–from 🇸🇪Vingåkers Volleybollklubb to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Anthony Nowak (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷VB Rantigny to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Kevin Ian Iurisevich (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷SAS Épinal to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Tanguy Nevot (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Beauvais Oise UC
🏐Artem Korovyansky (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷VC Bellaing/Porte du Hainaut to 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball
🏐Thomas Gill (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Mihail Corabieru (🇲🇩)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Felipi Rammé (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇨🇭Chênois Genève VB
🏐José Ilídio Ribeiro de Oliveira (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Vasyl Tupchii (🇺🇦)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇺🇦Volley Club Barkom Lwów
🏐Roamy Alonso (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇮🇹Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza
🏐Julian Weisigk (🇨🇭)–Opposite–from 🇨🇭Lindaren Volley Amriswil to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Illia Kovalov (🇺🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇵🇱Cuprum Lubin
🏐Thomas Heptinstall (🇦🇺)–Opposite–from 🇦🇹Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Yoann Jaumel (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Marseille Volley 13
🏐Jakub Madej (🇵🇱)–Libero–from 🇫🇴Hamar to 🇫🇷CA Brive
🏐Kévin Tillie (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball to 🇵🇱Projekt Warszawa
🏐Paul Nicole (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Loisirs Inter Sport Saint-Pierre to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Charles Balazot (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷US Villejuif to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Antony Gabriel Gonçalves (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Júnio César Maciel (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Villers-Cotterêts VB to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐Julio César Cardenas Morales (🇨🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇮🇹Sir Safety Perugia
🏐Tom Lavigne (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Thomas Nagels (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Jackson Howe (🇨🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇦Trinity Western Spartans to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Chris Zuidberg (🇱🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Gijs Jorna (🇳🇱)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇬🇷PAOK Thessaloniki
🏐Nemanja Jelić (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇷🇸OK Niš to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐David Fiel (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Théo Bourquin (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Cesson Volley Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor
🏐Luka Marinković (🇷🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball
🏐Gildas Prévert (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley
🏐Pablo Crer (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇦🇷Bolívar Voley to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Baptiste Iotefa (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Rennes EC to 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball
🏐Kārlis Abelītis (🇱🇻)–Setter–from 🇱🇻VK Biolars Jelgava to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Alex Willian Schemberger (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇶🇦Al Gharafa S.C. to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐Eduardo Carísio (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇧🇷Sesi-SP
🏐Marius Paumelle (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Fayçal Dalli (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Marseille Volley 13 to 🇫🇷Salon VolleyBall
🏐Sylvain Morgado (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball
🏐Iliya Petkov (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇧🇬Hebar Pazardzhik
🏐Jordi Ramón Ferragut (🇪🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪WWK Volleys Herrsching to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Rafael Araujo (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇯🇵FC Tokyo
🏐Théo Durand (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Willner Rivas (🇻🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇶🇦Police S.C. to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Vinicius Silveira (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Montes Claros/América Vôlei to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Hermans Egleskalns (🇱🇻)–Opposite–from 🇬🇷Olympiacos to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Robert Viiber (🇪🇪)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball to 🇷🇴Universitatea Craiova
🏐Louis Pineau (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇮Vantaa Ducks
🏐Danny Poda (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Alexandre Capet (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball
🏐Felipe Benavídez (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇪🇸Rotogal Boiro to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Vladislavs Blumbergs (🇱🇻)–Middle-blocker–from 🇱🇻SK Jēkabpils Lūši to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Maikel Van Zeist (🇳🇱)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇭Chênois Genève VB to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Karim Lamri (🇲🇦)–Setter–from 🇨🇿Fatra Zlín to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐Quentin Rossard (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley to 🇫🇷Reims MV
🏐Wilian Gabriel Doardo (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇹🇷Solhan Spor Kulübü to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Alvaro Gimeno Rubio (🇪🇸)–Opposite–from 🇪🇸CDV Río Duero Soria to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Fabien Lengrand (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley 2 to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Axel Truhtchev (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇧🇬Neftochimik Burgas
🏐Pedro Reck (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Loisirs Inter Sport Saint-Pierre
🏐Michael Marshman (🇺🇸)–Middle-blocker –from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Niklas Kronthaler (🇦🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇦🇹Hypo Tirol Innsbruck
🏐Leon Meier (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball to 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt
🏐Hugo Hamacher (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇹🇷Altekma SK to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Keanu Taraihau (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Volley Club Mâconnais to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Yao Gnenegbe (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Reims MV to 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball
🏐Luca Vettori (🇮🇹)–Opposite–from 🇨🇳Shanghai Bright to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Pierre-Laurent Halagahu (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Audric Taramini (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Nathan Spano (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷CNVB 2 to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Benjamin Halajda (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷VC Bellaing/Porte du Hainaut II to 🇫🇷Volley Club Mâconnais
🏐Gilles Lomba (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇪VC Greenyard Maaseik to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Davy Moraes (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇸🇦Al Faisaly
🏐Baptiste Geiler (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Mohamed En-Nakhai (🇲🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇪🇸UD Ibiza Ushuaïa Volley to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Quinn Isaacson (🇺🇸)–Setter–from 🇺🇸Ball State Univ. to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Mohammad Javad Manavinezhad (🇮🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇷Saipa Alborz to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Axel Boissinot (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Cyril Larrieu (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Martin Jambon (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Luka Čubrilo (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇷🇸Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad to 🇫🇷ASUL Lyon Volley
🏐Michel Saraiva (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇧🇷Farma Conde/Vôlei São José dos Campos
🏐Antonin Roulleau (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Kyle Ensing (🇺🇸)–Opposite–from 🇮🇱Maccabi Tel Aviv to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Jean-Philippe Talbot (🇨🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇸🇪Örkelljunga Volley to 🇫🇷SAS Épinal
🏐Liván Osoria (🇨🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Romāns Saušs (🇱🇻)–Outside Hitter–from 🇩🇪Helios Grizzlies Giesen to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Aymen Bouguerra (🇹🇳)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐José Rojas Estangel (🇻🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇹Associação Académica de Espinho to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Ryley Barnes (🇨🇦)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷PAOK Thessaloniki to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Daniel Gruvaeus (🇸🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇷🇸Partizan Belgrade
🏐Deniss Petrovs (🇱🇻)–Setter–from 🇷🇺ASK Nizhny Novgorod to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Marino Marelić (🇭🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇦🇹SK AICH/DOB to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Matías Sánchez (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇵🇱MKS Ślepsk Malow Suwałki
🏐Jakub Klajmon (🇨🇿)–Middle-blocker–from 🇨🇿Volejbal Brno to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Moritz Karlitzek (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
🏐Miran Kujundžić (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇵🇱MKS Ślepsk Malow Suwałki
🏐Franco Massimino (🇦🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Lucas Van Berkel (🇨🇦)–Middle-blocker–from 🇩🇪VfB Friedrichshafen to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Mathias Loupias (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷VC Hyères-Pierrefeu
🏐Nikola Žugić (🇷🇸)–Outside Hitter–from 🇷🇸Spartak Subotica to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Kyle Dagostino (🇺🇸)–Libero–from 🇫🇮Raision Loimu to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Bastian Peralta (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷SAS Épinal to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Joan Domenech Tous (🇪🇸)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇪🇸CDV Río Duero Soria
🏐Ludovic Duée (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Nicolás Uriarte (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇧🇷Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei
🏐Benjamin Diez (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Frixos Kotsakis (🇬🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇬🇷A.O.P. Kifissias to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Theodoros Voulkidis (🇬🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇬🇷PAOK Thessaloniki
🏐Nathan Wounembaina (🇨🇲)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Verona Volley to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Joshua Marty (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Maciej Madej (🇵🇱)–Setter–from 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball to 🇫🇮Savo Volley
🏐Julien Pouley (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷VC Bellaing/Porte du Hainaut
🏐Samuel Quéva (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Harnes Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷VC Bellaing/Porte du Hainaut
🏐Jay Blankenau (🇨🇦)–Setter–from 🇵🇱Projekt Warszawa to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Sebastian Closter (🇦🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Nikolay Kartev (🇧🇬)–Middle-blocker–from 🇧🇬Hebar Pazardzhik to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Juan Pablo Moreno (🇨🇴)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇪🇸CDV Río Duero Soria
🏐Deivid Mota (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Vedacit Vôlei Guarulhos to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Allan Tschupp (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇵🇹Voleibol Clube Viana
🏐Nicholas Butler (🇦🇺)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt
🏐Arnaud Purpan (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Villers-Cotterêts VB to 🇫🇷Amiens Métropole Volley-Ball
🏐Pierre Toledo (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Gabriel Vaccari (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇧🇷Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei
🏐Thiago Veloso (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Gabriel Candido (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇹🇷Arkas Spor to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐Dimitri Walgenwitz (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Rennes EC to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Vincent Mabiala (🇨🇩)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Grand Nancy Volley-Ball
🏐Jelle Ribbens (🇧🇪)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Fréjus Var Volley
🏐Johannes Tille (🇩🇪)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇩🇪Berlin Recycling Volleys
🏐Renan Michelucci (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Paris Volley to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Loïc Alphonse (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷AL Caudry Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Matheus Faustino (🇧🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Moritz Reichert (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇱Trefl Gdańsk to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐José Ademar Santana (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇱Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Paolo Zonca (🇮🇹)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Thierry Jaguszewski (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Farma Conde/Vôlei São José dos Campos to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐Maximiliano Chirivino (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley
🏐David Sossenheimer (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Arthur Delbeke (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans
🏐Maxime Laumon (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Esteban Leray (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷CAJVB Conflans to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Armando Velásquez (🇻🇪)–Setter–from 🇵🇹Fonte do Bastardo to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Oskar Kjerstein Madsen (🇩🇰)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇩🇪United Volleys Frankfurt
🏐Adam Bartoš (🇨🇿)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇧🇪VC Greenyard Maaseik
🏐Jesús Herrera Jaime (🇨🇺)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇮🇹Sir Safety Conad Perugia
🏐Abdel-Aziz Doumbia (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇧🇪Caruur Volley Gent
🏐Robin Neraudeau (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐João Rafael Ferreira (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇮🇹Gioiella Prisma Taranto to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Matías Giraudo (🇦🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley Ball to 🇨🇿České Budějovice
🏐Gregor Ropret (🇸🇮)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley to 🇮🇹Sir Safety Conad Perugia
🏐Martin Ramos (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇪🇸Club Voleibol Guaguas
🏐Julien Prigent (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇬🇷PAOK Thessaloniki to 🇫🇷Volley-Ball Arlésien
🏐Maxime Capet (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇧🇪Decospan Volley Team Menen
🏐Aleksey Nalobin (🇷🇺)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Plessis Robinson Volley-Ball to 🇹🇷Hekimoğlu Global Connect Travel Bursa
🏐Rémy Lalisse (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley 2 to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Quentin Grosnon (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley 2 to 🇫🇷Cambrai Volley
🏐Danijel Koncilja (🇸🇮)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇸🇮ACH Volley Ljubljana
🏐Javier González (🇨🇺)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley to 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball
🏐Julien Bernard (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Cesson Volley Saint-Brieuc Côtes d’Armor
🏐Renan Buiatti (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇧🇷Farma Conde/Vôlei São José dos Campos to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Maxime Roatta (🇫🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇫🇷GFC Ajaccio Volley-Ball
🏐Matéo Lapierre (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Loisirs Inter Sport Saint-Pierre
🇫🇷Clément Diverchy (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers
🏐William Louis-Marie (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷France Avenir 2024 to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Leonardo Nascimento (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇧🇷Fiat/Gerdau/Minas to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Rubén Lorente Camacho (🇪🇸)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère to 🇪🇸CV Teruel
🏐Thales Hoss (🇧🇷)–Libero–from 🇧🇷Funvic/Educacion/Natal to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Kévin François (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Aleksa Batak (🇷🇸)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇷🇸Partizan Belgrade
🏐Rusmir Halilović (🇧🇦)–Setter–from 🇷🇴Universitatea Craiova to 🇫🇷Martigues Volley-Ball
🏐Marin Dukic (🇧🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Nice Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley
🏐Luke Perry (🇦🇺)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball to 🇵🇱Trefl Gdańsk
🏐Alexis Ruben González (🇦🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Joachim Panou (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Killian Weidner (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Danilo Gelinski (🇧🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Cannes to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Agustín Loser (🇦🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole to 🇮🇹Allianz Milano
🏐Lisandro Zanotti (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Kyle Russell (🇺🇸)–Opposite–from 🇰🇷Daejeon Samsung Bluefangs to 🇫🇷Arago de Sète
🏐Thibaut Thoral (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Rennes EC to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Kristóf Horváth (🇭🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Moussé Gueye (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Franco Massimino (🇦🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Moritz Karlitzek (🇩🇪)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Arago de Sète to 🇵🇱Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
🏐Jay Blankenau (🇨🇦)–Setter–from 🇵🇱Projekt Warszawa to 🇫🇷Tourcoing Lille Métropole
🏐Gildas Prévert (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇫🇷Paris Volley
🏐Thomas Helfer (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇫🇷AS Cannes
🏐Luca Ramon (🇫🇷)–Libero–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇫🇷Narbonne Volley
🏐Chizoba Neves Atu (🇧🇷)–Opposite–from 🇫🇷Stade Poitevin Poitiers to 🇫🇷Nantes Rezé Métropole
🏐Nicolas Burel (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique
🏐Jan Galabov (🇨🇿)–Outside Hitter–from 🇵🇱BKS Visła Bydgoszcz to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Anis El Maknasy (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Malick Frédéric (🇫🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Valentin Bouleau (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷AS Illac Volley to 🇫🇷Rennes EC
🏐Kévin Rodriguez (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Saint-Nazaire Volley-Ball Atlantique to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley
🏐Manuel Balagué (🇦🇷)–Opposite–from 🇨🇾Nea Salamina Famagusta to 🇫🇷Mende Volley Lozère
🏐Maxime Mourier (🇫🇷)–Setter–from 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley to 🇫🇷Avignon Volley-Ball
🏐Patrik Indra (🇨🇿)–Opposite–from 🇨🇿VK ČEZ Karlovarsko to 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52
🏐Οsniel Melgarejo (🇨🇺)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 to 🇮🇹Allianz Milano
🏐Nicolás Lazo (🇦🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇫🇷Montpellier Volley to 🇧🇷Vôlei Renata/Campinas
🏐João Rafael Ferreira (🇧🇷)–Outside Hitter–from 🇪🇬Zamalek SC to 🇫🇷Tours Volley-Ball
🏐Kévin Kaba (🇫🇷)–Middle-blocker–from 🇫🇷Spacer’s Toulouse Volley to 🇫🇷Saint-Quentin Volley


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