11 December 2023


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Club World Championship: Trento thinks about it, and today the decision. The president Mosna: “High level competition and showcase for our sponsors “

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The Diatec Trentino thinks about it. The italian society was contacted by the organizers of the Fivb Club World Championship after the Perugia’s waiver, and it seems that today should take a decision about partecipation in the competition.

Diego Mosna, l’Adige.it

The president of Trentino Volley Diego Mosna, in his words on the Adige newspaper, seems teased the idea of ​​returning to play in the tournament won in 4 occasions by his club (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012): “We will speak between managers and with the technical staff, because there are many aspects to consider (…). Personally it is clear that I would very much like to participate, it is an event of absolute level, but there are many aspects to consider. First of all the fact that it is going to be inserted in a period already full of commitments and, therefore, we need to evaluate well with the technical, physical and medical staff for a better gesturing of the athletes (…).
The Club World Cup, in addition to being a manifestation of a very high technical level, will also be a great showcase for our sponsors and also for the Trentino area. Moreover, in a country like Poland, which is very important for tourism in our province.
The competition will be played in the three main Polish cities and with live TV potentially in half the world. The event will show a level of volleyball even higher than the World Championship. And objectively, there are no national teams today so complete and high-level as some clubs like Kazan or Sada Cruzeiro level

The Club World Championship is played in Poland from November 26 to December 2.

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