26 September 2023


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Brazil, what a comeback! from 0-2 to 3-2 to beat Russia!

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Brazil-Russia 3:2 (20:25 21:25 25:22 25:23 15:12)
Brazil: Douglas 13, Lucas 12, Wallace 22, Lipe 15, Mauricio Souza 1, Bruno 1. Thales (L). Evandro 3, William 2, Isac , Eder, Lucas Loh, Kadu, Maique (L). Coach. Dal Zotto.
Russia: Kliuka 11, Kurkaev 8, Mikhaylov 19, Volkov 23, Muserskiy 17, Butko 1, Verbov (L), Sokolov (L), Vlasov ne, Volvich ne, Grankin, Rodichev ne, Berezhko, Poletaev 1. Coach. Shliapnikov.

Brazil have scored a really great victory at the first match of the third stage of the World Championship! Even though Brazil were behind by two set, they didn’t lose hope, managing to make a huge comeback from 0-2 to 3-2.
Russia opened the match in a much better way, controlling the first set all the time and taking the lead 1-0, with a great Muserskiy show. In the second set, Russia continued playing at a high level, destroying among all the brazilian reception and doubling the lead in sets 2-0.

All perfect, but Brazil didn’t want to surrender that easy, so the coach Renan Dal Zotto has changed the setter: William in the field, and Bruno Rezende out, a change that has given something different to the team.
Brazil took the third set to stay in the match, but also took the fourth as well to tie the score and to force the match until the tie-break.
In the fifth set, Shlyapnikov’s team was trailing all the time. Russia had a chance to stay in the match at the score 12:10, with a counterattack, but Lucas Saatkamp made a huge block on Mikhaylov to earn 13-10 lead, in an action that decided the match. So, there was no space for Russia to make a comeback.

Brazil in a match of second Round in Bologna.

Douglas Souza was the man who killed the Russian team at the end of this match, and he was author of 13 points. Wallace de Souza had a good display, finishing the match with 22 points, while on the other side Dmitry Volkov scored 23 points, followed by Maxim Mikhaylov with 19 and Dmitry Muserskiy with 17.

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