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Brazil tomorrow for the World Championship gold, after beating Serbia 3-0!

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BRAZIL-SERBIA 3-0 (25-22 25-21 25-22)
BRAZIL: Mauricio Souza 9, Bruno 3, Douglas 11, Lucas 10, Wallace 9, Lipe 8, Thales (L), Maique (L), William 1, Evandro 5, Isac ne, Eder ne, Lucas Loh ne, Kadu ne. Coach. Dal Zotto.
SERBIA: Ivovic 10, Lisinac 3, Atanasijevic 16, Kovacevic 14, Podrascanin 5, Jovovic , Rosic (L), Majstarovic (L), Okalic ne, Katic ne, Petric ne, Krsmanovic, Luburic, Kostic ne. Coach. Grbic.

Simply, Brazil wanted the final for gold! Brazil opened the match with a 3-0 scoring run, with Bruno Rezende that scored two aces. Serbia entered to the match with a small dose of nervous, making a few mistakes at the service and allowing the opponents to create a good advantage. At the second technical timeout, Brazil had a 16-11 lead, thanks to a good service of Mauricio Souza. So, Marko Ivovic sent a good serve to score an ace and to force Brazil to make two mistakes until 16-15, but Brazil managed to increase the lead to 20-17. After changing the setter, Renan Dal Zotto’s team again managed to earn three points of advantage 23-20, and his Brazil won the first set 25-23.

The start of the second set was much more uncertain. Serbia were in the race until 15:15 but then Lucas Saatkamp start to play, and with two blocks and a few good actions of the other brazilian players, they quickly got to a big advantage until 24-18! 2-0 for Brazil. Serbia started better the third set, creating a 3-0 lead. But Nikola Grbic’s team managed to keep it only for a few actions, because the Brazilian team tied the score 9:9. Renan Dal Zotto made two substitutions: In Arjona – out Rezende and in Guerra out Wallace, to try to take the lead in this set. So Serbia created a new advantage until 15-12, but Brazil take the lead at the second technical time out. It was a hard moment for Serbia, that didn’t manage to made a comeback. Brazil will play a battle for gold tomorrow!

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