23 September 2023


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Fernando Hernandez was the top scorer of italian Superlega’s third round.

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In the third round of the Italian Superlega, we saw a great battle in the big match between Perugia and Trento. Perugia won it, and the Cuban champion Wilfredo Leon was the top scorer of the match with 26 points.
However, this display was not the best in the third round.
Fernando Hernandez (Siena) has scored 34 points and it was the top scoring performance in this round.
Stephen Boyer from Verona was second with 31 and Dusan Petkovic from Sora scored 27 points, and he was third best.

Fernando Hernandez, Photo Flickr (Emma Villas Siena).
    Fernando Hernandez (Siena), 34
    Stephen Boyer (Calzedonia Verona), 31
    Dusan Petkovic (Sora), 27
    Wilfredo Leon (Sir Safety Conad Perugia), 26
    Alessandro Tondo (Milano), 24
    Toncek Stern (Top Volley Latina), 22
    Tsvetan Sokolov (Cucine Lube Civitanova), 22
    Donovan Dzavoronok (Vero Volley Monza), 21
    Robertlandy Simon (Cucine Lube Civitanova), 21
    Alessandro Tondo (Revivre Axopower Milano), 5 aces
    Wilfredo Leon (Sir Safety Conad Perugia), 4 aces
    Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Sir Safety Conad Perugia), 4
    Toncek Stern (Top Volley Latina), 4
    Sebastian Solé (Calzedonia Verona), 4
    Dusan Petkovic (Sora), 4
    Carmelo Gitto (Top Volley Latina), 5 blocks
    Robertlandy Simon (Cucine Lube Civitanova), 4 blocks
    Michal Kedzierski (Sora), 4 blocks
Alessandro Tondo, Revivre Axopower Milano. 5 aces against Latina.
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