24 September 2023


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France: Day 6, victories for Nantes, Toulouse and Tourcoing.

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At this moment, three matches were played: Nantes won on the Cannes’ field on straight sets, without too much trouble, Montpellier wins with a great comeback at the tie break, after a disadvantage of two set in Toulouse, while Tourcoing wins against Nice 3:1.
So, still nothing to do for Cannes that suffers another defeat. Nantes always leads the match, with a good performance in attack, and with Noda Blanco author of a good game in attack. For him 14 points, with 65% in attack, followed by the usual Michalovic, one of the best ever at this start of the season, with 11 points. In Cannes, the top scorer was Danijel Koncilja with 14 points, 1 block and 67% in attack, followed by Irfan Hamzagic with 11 points.
Montpellier‘s comeback on the Toulouse field was very interesting, with the home team that had won the first two sets 25:23 and 25:18. Despite this, it is the guests who celebrate, after having reopened the match by winning the third set at advantages, 25:27. The lights went off in Toulouse and Montpellier celebrated with a good team performance. The absolute top scorer of the match was a Toulouse player, Jordan Corteggiani, author of 21 points and a good 47% in attack. On the other side, Maxim Hervoir scored 19 points, Thiago Sens 18 and Jean Patry 16.
If I had bet, I would have said that Nice would have won also match in Tourcoing (after the last two victories, at Sete, and at home against Ajaccio). But it did not happen that way. Won Tourcoing, playing an excellent game and conquering 3 points, with a discreet performance of Ronald Jimenez (another protagonist of this start of the season), author of 18 points, followed by Oleksiy Klyamar with 14, and Martti Juhkami and Maksym Drozd (author also of 4 blocks), 13 each. So, nothing to do for Nice, despite the 20 points of the opposite Robin Overbeeke (best scorer of the match) and the 15 points of Adam Bartoš.

Cannes-Nantes 0:3 (19:25, 21:25, 21:25)

Photo via Facebook, Nantes Rezè Metropole Volley.

Toulouse-Montpellier 2:3 (25:23, 25:18, 25:27, 19:25, 12:15)

Photo via Facebook, Montpellier Volley UC.

Tourcoing-Nice 3:1 (25:23, 23:25, 25:14, 25:20)

10/11/2018 Poitiers-Tours 7.30pm

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