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France: victories also for Tours, Chaumont and Ajaccio. Standings after 6 rounds!

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The sixth round of the French championship ended yesterday, with Tours, Chaumont and Ajaccio winning.
What happened in details?
Do you know when nothing goes right? This happened yesterday at Poitiers defeated at home by Tours. Do you think that after the first two sets, respectively lost with 20 and 22 points, the home team was in advantage 21-19, but despite this, it was Tours which celebrated, 25-27, winning set and match.
The top scorer of the match was Hermans Egleskalns with 22 points and an excellent 70% attack, followed by Gazmend Husaj with 13 and 66% in the winning side. For Poitiers, Zouheir El Graoui was the author of 19 points and Jochen Schops added 11.
Victory in straight sets also for Ajaccio, at home against Narbonne, led by Thimotee Carle (21 points), while his teammate Milan Pepic added 13. On the other side Arpad Baroti had 15 and Alejandro Vigil scored 10 points.
Victory for Chaumont at tie-break (15-7) against Rennes, the current leader of the Championship! A great come-back that allows the Chaumont to continue its series of invincibility.

Poitiers-Tours 0:3

Photo via Facebook, Stade Poitevin Volley beach.

Chaumont-Rennes 3:2 (23:25) (33:35) (25:19) (25:20) (15:7)

Photo via Facebook, Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 Haute-Marne

Ajaccio-Narbonne 3:0

Anya Photos for RandomVolley.com

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