9 December 2023


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Siena: Is it a good move to keep the coach After 8/8 defeats?

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Our question is: is it a good move to keep the coach after 8 consecutive defeats?
The Argentine coach Juan Manuel Cichello is still the head coach of Siena, even if his team have lost eight matches since the start of the season in italian Superlega, without scoring a victory.
Is it a good move to keep the coach with 0-8?
He has lost these eight games but Siena played some really good matches, lost three out of those eight at the tie-break, while four of them they lost in four sets and the first match against Trentino in straight sets.
We are sure that confirm the coach is a good choice! And you? What do you think?

According to Emma Villas Siena official site, Vittorio Sacripanti, the General Director of Siena, says:
After eight games and eight losses it’s easy and natural to fire him, but at this moment, we want to say that we have a full confidence in coach Juan Manuel Cichello and his staff. It is very clear to everyone that this would be a difficult championship, but now the time has really come to show what we can change the approach and therefore the pace. On Sunday, we will meet Revivre Milano at PalaEstra and it’s going to be another opportunity to present ourselves in the best possible way. In each game, we played and fought until the end, despite the numbers saying the opposite. We are confident that there will be a substantial breakthrough on Sunday. We left the game against Lube, despite the result, even with a certain satisfaction. Our approach was more competitive and in a different situation we proved that we can perform well no matter who’s on the other side.”

Coach Cichello, photo from Web.
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