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Al Hachdadi: the best in the Superlega’s 8th round.

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In this round 8, we had see his great display in Vibo Valentia’s win over Padova. He has scored 36 points, which was more than enough to become the absolut best scorer of the round!
Furthermore, he had the best serving performance along with Wilfredo Leon: 4 aces each.
Monza’s Viktor Yosifov had a very good performance in winning blocks: he counted to 7, but unfortunately, it didn’t help his team avoid a defeat against Sora.
Below the complete report of the 8th round.

Mohamed Al Hachdadi, photo via Facebook, Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia

Mohamed Al Hachdadi (Vibo Valentia), 36
Ivan Zaytsev (Modena), 28
Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Milano), 26
Tsvetan Sokolov (Lube), 22
Yoandy Leal (Lube), 22
Fernando Hernandez (Siena), 21
Kamil Rychlicki (Ravenna), 21
Dusan Petkovic (Sora), 21

Wilfredo Leon (Perugia), 4 aces
Mohamed Al Hachdadi (Vibo Valentia), 4 aces

Viktor Yosifov (Monza), 7
Gabriele Di Martino (Sora), 4
Yoandy Leal (Lube Civitanova), 4

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