24 September 2023


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Now it’s official! Kaziyski to Verona!

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Verona complete transfer move: Matey Kaziyski, and BOOM! is the word which Verona used to described its volleyball transfer!
Matey Kaziyski will play in Verona until the end of the season.
The team of Nikola Grbic has gotten a significant reinforcement for the upcoming challenges. The Bulgarian star will bring them an experience they need to compete with the top teams for the title.
This is a great gift for everyone, for our supporters, for our partners and for us as a company. I dreamed about such transfer and when the opportunity presented itself last Sunday, I didn’t hesitate at all. I am really proud to be the president of this company,” says the president of Verona, Stefano Magrini.

Recall that Matey Kaziyski started the season in Stocznia Szczecin, but this team had big financial issues and they had to withdraw from the league so the only move for the Bulgarian star was to leave.

Source and photo: bluvolleyverona

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