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OFFICIAL: Stocznia Szczecin withdraw from Plusliga.

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Stocznia Szczecin will no longer compete in Plusliga and this is confirmed by the club’s officials.
The officials of the Polish Volleyball league have given a deadline to Stocznia Szczecin (14 December) to solve their financial problems but since they didn’t manage to make it, they announced withdrawal from the league.
The President of the team Jakub Markiewicz has confirmed the withdrawal of Stocznia from Plusliga games.
I devoted the last few days to try to save the team and make them compete in Plusliga. Unfortunately, at the moment, the club needed a real and fast financial support to continue competing in Plusliga. At this moment, the club is not able to provide even the basic funds for the team. I was forced to make a decision to withdraw the team from the league. This is a painful decision for me personally because the last few years I spent on the reconstruction of the men’s volleyball here. It turned out that the contracts and guarantees from very important figures from the business world didn’t matter. At the same time, I inform you that the issues with the main sponsor of the club, that didn’t fulfill its obligations, will be decided on the cour…” says Jakub Markiewicz, president of Stocznia Szczecin.

Official Statement.

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