24 September 2023


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Finally Cannes! Defeated Sete in 4 sets in the advance of round 12.

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The advance of round 12 of French ligue A was played today. And the title says it all. Finally Cannes played a great match, winning 3 points in the direct clash for salvation. If before Cannes was in last place in the standings, now it has overtaken Sete, even if he is still in the relegation zone (if you look at the standings, in last place now there is Sete with 5 points, Cannes has 6, while Narbonne has 9).
The first set was very balanced: the hosts tried to stretch on 8-6, but the advantage was canceled very quickly. At the crucial moment of the set Cannes fly until 19:21, and despite the determination of the rivals, they managed to win the set with 3 points of advantage.
But after the first set played at really at very high level (for a team that until now was last in the standings!), the light suddenly goes out. The hosts have always led the second set, before 4:0, then 8:4, until they fly until 21:13. Obviously there is nothing to do for Cannes, despite a small recovery towards the end of the set. The advantage was however too substantial, and the hosts win without too much difficulty 25:18.
Also in the third set great start of Sete, who immediately managed to gain a important advantage on 8:4, and then fly until 16:11. Is the set concluded? Absolutely not, because somehow Cannes manages to reduce the advantage up to 16-15. However, Szwarc makes two very important aces, and Cannes is still forced to chase after his opponents. Despite this, with a great team performance the result is reversed in favor of the guests, who are sure to return home with at least one point.
The fourth set is also balanced. Despite Cannes attempting a 5:8 break, the hosts did not agree and quickly canceled the advantage, until they finally took the lead on 21:19. On 24:24 Truhtchev throws a ball out, and Cannes back to home with three points, giving the opponents the last position in the standings.
The top scorer of the match was a Sete’s player: Tupchii played a good match, and scored 20 points, while his teammates Truhtchev and Szwarc added 14 each, however, they weren’t enough. For Cannes, the top scorer was Hamzagic with 17 points and 40% in attack, followed by Ferens and Mechkarov with 12 each. Good performance also for D’Almeida, whi played instead of Koncilja since the third set: he has made 4 winning blocks!

Sète-Cannes 1:3

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