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Trento finish 2018 with an impressive run: 18 victories in a row. also Sora defeated.

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In the last 18 matches, counting all competitions, Trento have scored 18 victories!
So, the team finished this year in an amazing way: In these 18 matches, Trento scored five at the Club World Championship, winning the title in this competition, three in CEV Cup and ten in the Italian Superlega.

Itas Trentino-Globo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora 3-0
(25:19, 25:11, 25:23)
Itas Trentino: Giannelli 3, Kovacevic 11, Lisinac 12, Vettori 17, Van Garderen 8, Candellaro 5, De Angelis (L), Grebennikov (L), Daldello 0, Codarin 0, Cavuto 1, Nelli 4. N.E. Coach. Lorenzetti.
Globo Banca Popolare del Frusinate Sora: Kedzierski 2, De Barros Ferreira 6, Caneschi 1, Petkovic 11, Fey 4, Di Martino 3, Mauti (L), Marrazzo 1, Bonami (L), Bermudez 0, Rawiak 0, Esposito 1. N.E. Coach. Barbiero.

In this match, Sora couldn’t do anything to stop this winning streak of Trentino so they have surrendered after three sets.
Sora immediately finds the advantage, 0-4 thanks to an excellent turn at the service of the middleblocker Di Martino. It was Lisinac who marks the first direct point for Trento (2-5), and the score fly on 6-6. The hosts escapes to +2, but Sora hang up on 8-8. 13-11, Candellaro signs an ace and another break 16-14, After another parity on 17-17, Trento signs the definitive break on 23-19 and closes the first set 25-19.
In the second set, better start for the hosts, who take advantage from rivals’ mistakes. 10-5, with two aces of Vettori. Joao Rafael interrupts the positive strip of Trento and brings Sora to -2 (10-8). However, the men of Lorenzetti increase the pace of play and fly on 19-9. Maximum advantage at 22-11, and was Lisinac’s attack to close 25-11 the second set. Good performance of Vettori, MVP of the match, in this set 75% in attack, 1 winning block and 2 aces.
6-4, Trento starts well again in the third set and maintains a +2 advantage. Sora responds with Petkovic and gets closer, but the hosts are not intimidated and resume the race: Kovacevic drags his team to 15-10. Multiple exchange for Trento’s ranks: in Daldello, Nelli, Codarin, Cavuto and De Angelis. Spectacular action of Joao Rafael, who recover an impossible ball and try to leads the Argos to mend the tear (18-15). The final of the match was really fought: Sora moved to -2, and Fey canceled the first match ball (24-22). However, on 24-23, is Cavuto to place the winning attack that allows Trento to finish the match in straight sets.

Italian Superlega, round 15 (second-leg round 2)
Already Played:

Vibo Valentia – Siena 3-0 (25:22, 25:17, 26:24)
Trentino – Sora 3-0 (25:19, 25:11, 25:23)

Today the others:
Modena – Castellana 18:00 CET
Monza – Latina 18:00 CET
Padova – Milano 18:00 CET
Perugia – Verona 18:00 CET
Ravenna – Lube 18:00 CET

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