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Round 13: Rennes-Tours 2:3, fantastic victory for Cannes against Poitiers.

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With the exception of the match between Tourcoing and Nantes that will be played today, yesterday two great matches were played in this round 13 (and last day of the first-leg) of the French championship. After the victories of Nice and Toulouse in straight sets respectively against Narbonne and Chaumont, and the victory of Montpellier in four sets against Sete, played on Friday, the big match of the day between Rennes and Tours ends at the tie break. Despite the defeat, Rennes is still leader in the standings, while Tours is now at -2 points.
It was a very balanced match, especially in the first four sets, while in the tie break Tours led the game from start to finish, bringing home the two points with a score of 7:15.
On the winning side, Wounembaina and Egleskans scored respectively 25 and 24 points, while Chinenyeze was author of 5 winning blocks!
For Rennes Baranek was the top scorer with 19 points.
Incredible match for Cannes, which now reaches the eleventh position in the standings, even surpassing Narbonne (defeated yesterday in Nice), and a hypothetical salvation.
All perfect, in this unexpected victory in straight sets against Poitiers. Wojciech Ferens played an incredible first set, and held very high levels throughout the game. At the end he scored 20 points (including two blocks) with an excellent 64% in attack, and was the top scorer (and in my opinion mvp) of the match. His teammates Danijel Koncilja and Irfan Hamzagic contributed with 11 and 10 points, while for Poitiers only El Graoui reached a double-digit, 10 points. Bad day for Schops, one of the absolut best players of the championship: for him only 7 points and 19% in attack.

Rennes-Tours 2:3

Cannes-Poitiers 3:0


Tourcoing-Nantes February 13, 2019′

Already Played:
Nice-Narbonne 3:0
Toulouse-Chaumont 3:0
Montpellier-Sete 3:1


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