10 December 2023


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Round 13: Nice, Toulouse and Montpellier ok.

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Waiting for the big match of the round, which will be played this evening between Rennes and Tours that currently occupy the first two positions of the standings, yesterday the first half of the 13th round of Ligue A was played. These were the first matches of the new year, but the last of the first-leg.
What’s happened?
Nice walks on Narbonne (without the opposite Baroti), winning a game in three sets literally demolishing his opponents. Great team performance for Nice, and the top scorers for the home team are Robin Overbeeke and Rodney Ah-Kong with 11 points each. Great performance also for Adam Bartoš, 9 points and 70% in attack! For the guests only Lisandro Zanotti reached a double-digit with 11 points.
It ends 3-0 the battle between Toulouse (without Corteggiani, but the young Derouillon who played as opposite was the absolute top scorer of the match with 25 points and 67% in attack) Chaumont (without the unavailable Averill).
Montpellier defeated Sète in four sets, also taking advantage of the absence of the Libero Peironet among the guests. No problem for Montpellier in the first two sets: in fact the hosts managed to win rispectively 25:12 and 25:14!
However, a concentration drop for the home team (or an exploit of Sète’s pride, which in the meantime replaced its setter), allowed the guests to win the third set, and to fight in the fourth, even if all three the points at stake go to Montpellier.
Jean Patry (Montpellier) was the top scorer of the match with 22 points, 56% in attack and five blocks!
Almost all Montpellier players have reached double-digit, including the setter Javier Gonzalez, author of 10 points (7/7 in attack, 2 aces and 1 block).
For Sete, only Vasyl Tupchii reached a double-digit performance with 17 points.

Nice-Narbonne 3:0

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Toulouse-Chaumont 3-0

Montpellier -Sete 3:1

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