10 December 2023


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#ChampionsLeague: Victory for Civitanova and Perugia, first victory for Knack Roeselare, Chamount defeat ACH Volley

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Yesterday victory for Perugia after a difficult match in Turkey: everything went well for the guests at the start of the match, as they managed to score a 25-10 result in the first set. In the second set, Perugia doubled the lead while in the third Arkasspor answered back to extend the match, and the fourth set was the most fighting and Perugia won it to take the victory!
The top scorer of the match was Aleksandar Atanasijevic with 24 points, while Wilfredo Leon scored 17 points. In the home team, Robert Taht scored 19 points.
Perugia have a 3-0 score while Arkasspor have not scored a win so far (0-3).
Also Lube Civitanova have made a huge step towards the CEV Champions League playoff six round: they didn’t have any difficulties at Gliwice Arena, defeating Zaksa in straight sets 3-0.
Yoandy Leal led the italian team to the victory with 14 points, whilw also Tsvetan Sokolov played a great match and contributed with 13 points. Osmany Juantorena added 10 points, while on the other side Sam Deroo was the top scorer with 11 points.
Lube Civitanova have now a 3-0 score with a perfect 9-0 set ration, while Zaksa have a 1-2 score and it will be difficult for them to advance further.

Also Knack Roeselare and Chaumont have scored their important victories.
Knack Roeselare is staying in the race for the Playoff 12 of the CEV Champions League.
“I think we started well today in the first and second set. We could not contest with them in the third and fourth, and then we are very happy we had the mental strength to take the tiebreak. Probably that’s not enough to get through, I think we needed three points today to go to the next round. But we still have a few matches to go and will see where we finish,” Hendrik Tuerlinckx, Captain and MVP from Knack Roeselare.
He was the top scorer with 25 points, while Milija Mrdak was the best in the German team.
Close the picture Chaumont, which have earned a home victory against the Slovenian team ACH Volley Ljubljana.

Champions League, round 3:
Arkasspor – Perugia 1-3 (10:25, 19:25, 25:22, 23:25)
Zaksa – Lube 0-3 (19:25, 17:25, 19:25)
United Volleys – Knack Roeselare 2-3 (20:25, 17:25, 25:21, 25:21, 8:15)
Chaumont – ACH Volley Ljubljana 3-1 (25:18, 25:13, 28:30, 28:26)

Halkbank – Zenit 15:30 CET
Gdansk – Maaseik 18:00 CET
BR Volleys – PGE Skra Belchatow 20:00 CET
Friedrichshafen – Zenit St. Petersburg 20:00 CET
Modena – Karlovarsko 20:30 CET

Dinamo Moscow – Tours 17:00 CET

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