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#Transfers: Mitar Djuric in Poitiers

Less than a week after the injury of one of their best players Jochen Schรถps, Poitiers found his replacement: this is Mitar Djuric, who starts his season in P.A.O.K.
He should be registered under the โ€œjoker mรฉdicalโ€ option , so club need to get approval by DNACG, which could be decided yesterday, on Friday, February 8, 2019.

The opposite, who can play also as middle blocker, has 17 titles on his name: 3 Greek championships, 2 Greek cups and 1 Greek Super cup, 2 Italian championships, 2 Italian cups and 2 Italian Supercups, 1 Turkish championship, 1 Turkish cup and 1 Turkish Super cup, and 2 FIVB Club World Championships.

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