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#CoupedeFrance: Tours, what a match! Narbonne third.

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The final of the French Cup has just ended. What a match, and what a show! Tours destroys Chaumont in straight sets, playing a really high level volleyball, and a really perfect match.
Holder of the record number of victories in the Coupe de France, Tours won the event for the tenth time in its history.
In the final, the TVB left no chance to Chaumont and this is the score: 25:22, 25:13, 25:18.
Despite the hard semifinal played yesterday against a deserving Narbonne (3-2), they did not miss today the opportunity to garnish its trophy collection of a tenth Coupe de France (the first won in 2003), that the club hadn’t more won since 2015.


Tours – Chaumont 3-0 (25:22, 25:13, 25:18)
Tours: Trinidad De Haro 4, Husaj 7, Teryomenko 10, Egleskalns 10, Wounembaina 11, Chinenyeze 12, Henno (L); Capet 2. Non entrati: Nevot, Van Rekom, Stahl, Nicole. All: Duflos.
Chaumont: Saeta 3, M. Patak 1, Averill 1, Winkelmuller 9, Atanasov 7, Fernandez 4, Bann (L); K. West 0, B. Geiler 4, Ben Tara 0, Repak 0, K. Rodriguez 1. All: Prandi.

Except in a tight first set, Chaumont never glimpsed a glimmer of hope to win its first Coupe de France.
The Captain Nathan Wounembaina and the French international middle-blocker Barthélémy Chinenyeze were the best players in the first sets, with respectively 7 and 5 points (both 83% in attack!), the first, also concluding with a winning block this set (25-22) that could have ended in another way if Martin Atanasov, in good position, had equalized the score at 23-23.

Galvanized by the victory of this first set and by the support of about 3152 fans, the champions of France destroy the rival in the second, in the start put on orbit by two aces of Dmytro Teryomenko (3-0), while Chinenyeze with a block give six points advantage: 8-2.
Wounembaina is the author of the ace of 10-2 and despite the changes made by Silvano Prandi in the Chaumont’s field, it’s impossible recover with a score of 16-6. It is Wounembaina who concludes the second set 25-13.

The third set is still in the demonstration of Tours’ superiority: Egelsklans is unleashed from the service line but also in attack, and with a fantastic Trinidad at block is 19-11, immediately imitated by Gazmend Husaj, while a ace of Maxime Capet gives ten points ahead for Tours (21-11). Teryomenko gives the first ball on 24-15 and it is at the end Chinenyeze who, with his 12 points, was the top scorer of the match, with 83% in attack and 2 blocks.

In the other final, the one for the third place, Rennes leaves Baranek and Tavares to rest and is defeated by Narbonne without the injured Baroti. Really another good performance by Narbonne that probably does not deserve its current position in the standings, and with the arrival of Jaumel as a setter, has raised considerably the level of play.

Some details….
Rennes – Narbonne 1-3 (27:25, 21:25, 19:25, 19:25)
Top Scorers: Van Den Dries 17, Bernard 12, Delgado 12; Lecat 22, Zanotti 16, Ameur 10.

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Final for the third place: Rennes – Narbonne 1-3 (27:25, 21:25, 19:25, 19:25) – PHOTOGALLERY
Final: Tours – Chaumont 3-0 (25:22, 25:13, 25:18) – PHOTOGALLERY

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