23 September 2023


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#France: victory for Nice and Tours in the advances of Round 24

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This evening the first two games of Round 24 of the French Ligue A were played. Great victory for Nice, which overwhelms Montpellier in straight sets. (the photogallery of the match is available). It was a great victory for Nice, which never gave way to the opponents and deservedly defeated Montpellier, which currently occupies second place in the standings, behind Tours, which today won against Toulouse today, but only at the tie break.
Robin Overbeeke was the top scorer of the match with 19 points and 52% in attack, while Gojko Çuk also contributed with 10 points, including 6 winning blocks (9 in total for Nice).
Opaque performance for Montpellier, and only Levi Alves Cabral achieved a double digit performance, scoring 16 points.
With this victory, Nice rises to fifth place with 38 points, ahead of Chaumont (35), who will play tomorrow against Poitiers, which currently has 33 points.
So, unexpectedly very suffered victory for Tours, which manages to defeat Toulouse away, but only at the tie break, and only after being able to make a comeback from 2 sets at a disadvantage. Tours has literally BLOCKED the rivals, realizing at the end of the game 24 winning blocks!
In details, Chinenyeze and Stahl were the best, respectively with 8 and 9 blocks (17 and 16 points total), while the best scorer of the game was a Toulouse player, Corteggiani, author of 22 points.
Nothing changes for Tours, which is confirmed as the absolute leader in the standings, with 56 points (Montpellier 43, Ajaccio 42, but will play today at home against Nantes), while Toulouse with a point won practically reached mathematical salvation, and now has 24 points. Sete (14) and Cannes (10), will face off on Sunday in the postponement of this Round 24.

Nice-Montpellier 3:0GALLERY

Toulouse-Tours 2:3

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