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#France: A clear victory for Cannes against Sete closes Round 24.

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The curtain on the French Ligue A Round 24 closes with a great victory of Cannes over Sete. The hosts literally destroyed their opponents in a game that will not change anything, but it was still a great show. (CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOGALLERY OF THE MATCH)
A very balanced match in the first few points, but a great turn in the service by Kral (2 consecutive aces), leads Cannes to 8:5. An advantage that is maintained until the decisive stage of the set, in which guests made a dangerous comeback, until to obtain a three-point advantage (18:21). Cannes works very well with the block, and manages to win the set leaving its rivals with 21 points!
In the next two sets instead, Cannes has always been ahead, and has literally overwhelmed its opponents, also thanks to Sete’s problems in reception (13 aces in total!).
Vasyl Tupchii was the top scorer for Sete with 17 points (and top scorer of the match, but only with 43% in attack).
On the winning side, great team performance: Hamzagic was the top scorer with 14 points (and 55% in attack), followed by Koncilja with 13 (75% in attack, including 2 winning blocks and 5 aces), while Kral and Mecharov scored 9 points each.
Cannes remains at the bottom of the standings with 13 points, while Sete remains at 14.

Cannes-Sete 3:0 (–GALLERY–)

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