24 September 2023


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#France, Round 24: Victory for Ajaccio, Chaumont and Rennes

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After the victories of Nice in straight sets against Montpellier, and of Tours at tie break against Toulouse, 3 more matches of Round 24 of the French Ligue A were played. What’s happened? Ajaccio needed four sets to win against Nantes, as did Chaumont to defeat Poitiers, while Rennes won at home against Narbonne, but only at tiebreak.
So, Ajaccio rises to second place in the standings! With this 3-point victory and yesterday’s defeat of Montpellier, now they have 45 points in the standings (Montpellier 43), and in front of them there is only Tours with 56, which by now mathematically won the regular season.
Nantes won the first set without much trouble, but the hosts immediately tied the situation, winning in a clear way the second. Despite the huge resistance of Nantes, led by its opposite Peter Michalovic, author of 22 points, and Noda (16), the hosts managed to be more decisive in the clue moments of the match. Excellent performance at block: 13 in total, compared to just 4 for Nantes.
Milan Pepic was the top scorer of the match with 26 points, including 4 aces and one block.
What a battle between Rennes and Narbonne! But above all between the two opposites: Van Der Dries and Baroti scored 22 points each, but the hosts of Rennes had one more Baranek, decidedly decisive on more than one occasion: 16 points for him, including two winning blocks, 70% in attack and 80% perfect reception!
Practically a perfect match. Narbonne won the first two sets, then suffered the comeback of Rennes, which literally destroyed them until the tie break.
Chaumont also wins at home, in four sets against Poitiers. Clear victory for the hosts, which with the exception of the second set (won by Poitiers 21:25), did not have too many problems to win the game, and to get even with Nice (both teams now have 35 points in the standings, but Nice remains in fifth place).
Top scorer of the match the middleblocker Taylor Averill, with 16 points (including 3 aces and 3 winning blocks) and 62% in attack, while Winkelmuller and Geiler scored 15 each. On the other side El Graoui was the top scorer with 15 points.
The clash of the low standings will close the picture: Cannes against Sete, a game that is practically irrelevant.

Ajaccio-Nantes 3:1

Rennes -Narbonne 3:2

Chaumont-Poitiers 3:1

Today: Cannes-Sete

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Nice-Montpellier 3:0 (–Gallery–)
Toulouse-Tours 3:2


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