8 December 2023


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#France: A Super Montpellier destroy Rennes, Tours win at tie break against Cannes, tenth consecutive victory for Ajaccio!

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After the victories of Sete against Poitiers and Nice against Tourcoing, the second part of Round 25 of the French Ligue A was played. Victory in straight sets for Montpellier in the big match against Rennes, Cannes defeated by Tours, but after a battle lasting 5 sets, and Ajaccio take its tenth consecutive success, beating Chaumont in 4 sets.
So, great match for Montpellier, a very convincing performance. Rennes was defeated in straight sets.
 Thiago Sens had a good performance and was the top scorer on the winning side: 13 points and 69% in attack, while Jean Patry also contributed with 12.
With this defeat, Rennes, with 42 points, remains in fourth place in the standings with only one more point than Nice. The next Round will be decisive, in which Rennes will face Nantes at home, while Nice will play on the field of Poitiers.
Battle instead in Cannes. Tours needed 5 sets to defeat the hosts who played a good game, even though the standings was already defined (PHOTOGALLERY OF THE MATCH SOON AVAIBLE). Despite having already won the regular season, the guests presented themselves with a very unpleasant attitude, and different behaviors not suited to this match. Little turnover for Tours, with Trinidad de Haro and Chinenyeze on the bench, while Van Rekom entered only in the second set and Wounembaina fortunately replaced during the game. However the match was relatively balanced, with the result uncertain until the end, and a third extended set (33-31) which was won by Cannes, deservedly and with an excellent team performance.
Hamzagic was the top scorer of the match with 23 points followed by Mechkarov with 22, while Koncilja and Kral also contributed with 12 and 10 points (including 3 and 4 winning-blocks). Good game also for the second setter Cipollone, who entered the field in place of Corre in the third set. On the winning side Capet was the top scorer with 18 points.
Also Chaumont falls to Ajaccio. For Ajaccio, this is the tenth consecutive victory: after a decidedly opaque first set, won by the guests 19-25, they managed to take the second (26-24) and win a really difficult game, with Chaumont who never gave up and in the fourth set was always on the lead.
Thimotee Carle and Milan Pepic were the top scorers on the winning side wit 20 and 19 points, while Winkelmuller scored 20 for Chaumont.
With this victory, Ajaccio confirmed its second place in the standings with 48 points, followed by Montpellier with 46, while Chaumont lost his chance to reach fourth place. Now they have 38 points, compared to 41 for Nice, which has a one more victory.

Montpellier-Rennes 3:0

Cannes-Tours 2:3 –GALLERY–

Ajaccio-Chaumont 3:1

Already Played:
Sete-Poitiers 3:1
Nice-Tourcoing 3:0 —GALLERY

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