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#Transfers: Al Hachdadi goes to Brazil!

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New house also for the strong Moroccan opposite Mohamed Al Hachdadi, last season in Vibo Valentia. One of the strongest players and top scorers of the last Italian SuperLega, who had already decided not to continue his career in Vibo Valentia, will play in Brazil, at Funvic Taubatè.

In Vibo Valentia, on the other hand, Aboubacar Dramé Neto, better known as Abouba, should arrive from the same Brazilian team. This year, at the Funvic, it was the Vissotto reserve. So, an exchange of opposites…

Al Hachdado in Italy, this season, was the third ranked scorer (515 points scored) behind Serbian Petkovic (590 points) from Sora and Cuban Hernandez (561 points) from Siena.
In France, one season ago, he was playing with Stade Poitevin Volley Beach (Poitiers) and he was the top-scorer of Ligue A regular season with 486 points.

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