3 February 2023


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#Fance: Hubert Henno new coach of Tours, Nicolas Rossard new libero

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The French Champions of Tours Volley-Ball made the first moves to create the team for 2019/20 season.
After announcing the retirement from the volleyball as a player, Hubert Henno assumed a new role and he will be the new coach of Tours! In his place, as libero, from Berlin comes Nicolas Rossard.

Nicolas Rossard’s career:
2018/2019 Berlin Recycling Volleys, GER
2018/2019 Stocznia Szczecin, POL
2017/2018 Paris Volley, FRA
2016/2017 Spacer’s Toulouse, FRA
2015/2016 Arago de Sete, FRA

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