23 September 2023


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Shock! Prandi expels five players from the Bulgarian national team!

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If the head coach Silvano Prandi has decided to expel five players from the squad, it is clear that there is something wrong in the Bulgarian national team.
His reason for doing so has been explained as a “conflict” but it’s still uncertain who is guilty of this conflict. Some media in Bulgaria report that these players had a difficult relationship with the national team coach himself.
The players that have been expelled are Georgy Bratoev, Valentin Bratoev, Nikolay Uchikov, Vladislav Ivanov and Nikolay Nikolov.

Other players tried to convince Prandi to change the decision but he remained silent about it. This is a huge blow for the Bulgarian National Team before the start of the Olympic qualification tournament that will be played in August. Georgi Bratoev, Nikolov and Todorov were members of Bulgaria at the 2012 Olympics, in which the team ended in the fourth place.
Moreover, Bulgaria won five out of 15 matches in Volleyball Nations League 2019 and took the 12th place.

Source and images: sportal.bg

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