17 May 2021


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Cameroon bring only 9 players to Olympic Qualifications in Bari

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It was clear that Cameroon do not have much of a chance of playing the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, knowing that Italy and Serbia are in their pool in Bari (Pool C). The website of the Cameroonian Volleyball Federation (FCV) reported that its national team arrived in Bari after a 2-day journey and with only 9 players!

The other players who joined the national team preparations for the Qualifier will stay in the country to prepare for the African Games scheduled for August 19-3, in Morocco. Among these 9 players, there are no 2 of the most representative of the team, Yvan Arthur Kody and Nathan Wounembaina.

This is Cameroon’s roster: Cédric Bitouna, Arthur Voukeng, Kofane Boyomo, Nelson Djam, Badawe Djako, Fabrice Koe, Kevin Moyo, Cyrille Mayam and Hassana Baana.


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