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France: Sete on the top, first defeat for Cannes, victory for Tourcoing and Rennes in the advances of Round 5.

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The first part of Round 5 of the French championship was played tonight. Tourcoing wins at home against Nice at tie-break, Sete goes to the top of the rankings winning in four sets on the Cannes’ field, while Rennes easily wins on the Toulouse field in straight sets.
In details, another defeat for Nice, this time on the Tourcoing field, which remains at the high level of the standings (second, with 11 points like Rennes). Nothing to do for guests, despite the amazing performance of Cox, author of 30 points (including 2 aces and a wall), and 54% in attack, along with an excellent performance on the wall: 14 winning blocks for the team. On the winning side, Jimenez scored 25 points.
First regular season defeat for Cannes this year. With this victory away, Sete takes the top of the standings while Cannes remains in third place with 10 points, overtaken by Rennes and Tourcoing. Tupchii and Tarasov were the top-scorers on the winning side with 19 and 18 points respectively, while Bultor added 15 (with 77% in attack!). Russel top-scored for Cannes with 16 points and Koncilja added 14, included 4 winning blocks and 2 aces.
The easy victory of Rennes on the Toulouse field closes the picture. The guests have always led the game despite Feure’s 23 points (the only player for Toulouse who has reached a double digit performance). Mijailovic scored 15 points on the winning side with 78% in attack!

Tourcoing-Nice 3-2

Cannes-Sete 1-3

Toulouse-Rennes 0-3

To be played….


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