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France: Narbonne and Paris win the advances of Round 13

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The two advances of the French Ligue A were played yesterday. Paris wins in Nice, after a disadvantage of two sets, and risking wasting a 1-8 advantage in the fifth set. Cox’s 31 points were not enough to lift the home team, still relegated to last place in the standings with 11 points.
In the other advance, Narbonne wins at home in four sets. A hard fought game, with Cannes which risked grabbing the tie break, after being ahead 19:21 and 22:24 in the fourth.
3 gold points for Narbonne who leaves, for the moment, the relegation zone going up to eleventh place with 14 points (together with Sete and Nantes who will play today, both away, in Poitiers and Ajaccio respectively).

Nice-Paris 2-3

Narbonne-Cannes 3-1

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