8 December 2023


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France: victories for the top of the class, Chaumont overtakes Tourcoing in fourth place. Cannes and Paris ok.

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The standings of the balanced Ligue A regular season begins to lengthen. In Round 12, the top of the class do not lose shots: Rennes wins away a match fought against Nantes in four sets, despite 23 points of Michalovic and 6 winning blocks by Henry, but with 8 blocks by Tuitoga and Baranek and Rodrigues who scored 22 points each. Thus, Rennes remains at +6 on Tours that has a full loot in Poitiers thanks to 27 points of Egleskalns, despite lost the first set and had to recover from 10:4 and 15:11 in the second set.
Remains at -1 from second place Montpellier, which beats Ajaccio in straight sets, while Chaumont takes the fourth place, beating 3-1 Tourcoing and overtaking it in the standings. The easy 3-0 of Cannes over Nice, that remains at the bottom of the standings, and the suffered 3-2 of Paris over Toulouse (still without Takaniko) closes the picture.

Cannes-Nice 3-0

Paris-Toulouse 3-2

Poitiers-Tours 1-3

Montpellier-Ajaccio 3-0

Nantes-Rennes 1-3

Chaumont-Tourcoing 3-1

Already played: Sète-Narbonne 1-3


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