31 January 2023


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Italy: Perugia reject 2 offers for Atanasijević and talk about renewal with León

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In an interview for Il Corriere dell’Umbria, Gino Sirci, the President of Italian volleyball powerhouse and vice-champions Sir Safety Conad Perugia, has announced his intention to renew contracts for the next season with nearly an entire squad.

“It’s true, there are teams who want our champions, starting from Trentino and Verona who want Atanasijević, but I want to clarify two things: first, we aim to renew with all of them and second, I believe that on equal conditions no one will move from Perugia. We are very happy with our players and until proven otherwise, the market is closed for Perugia. You just need to have a little patience and wait. I think that, in a week, something more could be revealed,” he stated.

In addition, Sirci mentioned some players who got offers. He said that one Brazilian club set its eyes on De Cecco but, it seems, he will 95% remain at Perugia. Perugia want Podraščanin to stay, while there’s a talk with León on a renewal for 2 more years. Perugia will also sign the new contract with Colaci.


Source: corrieredellumbria.corr.it

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