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France: Coup for Nantes over Rennes, Ajaccio blocks Chaumont, Montpellier, Tours and Poitiers ok

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Round 21 of French Ligue A was completed yesterday evening.
Great coup by Nantes, who took the Rennes field in 4 sets thanks to Michalovic’s 21 points. For the team coached by Matijasevic was therefore a black week, also considering the 3 penalty points made official on Tuesday (a penalty, on the other hand, assessed as too lenient by 10 of the other 13 teams who have drawn up a protest statement in recent days).
Among the bigs, defeat also for Chaumont: in Ajaccio accuses the bad evening of Winkelmuller (8 points and 33% attack). But what a match (and what a block performance!) for the home team: 15 kill blocks, (5 by Bruckert), against the only 3 of Chaumont!
In the lead Tours stretches, thanks to the easy 3-0 win over Sete, while Montpellier consolidates 3rd place and approaches the 2nd winning 3-1 in Tourcoing thanks also to Panou’s 26 points.
Poitiers’ 3-2 victory over Cannes closes the picture, thanks to El Graoui superb performance (35 points and 58% in attack). For Cannes the 12 kill blocks (6 by Rodriguez) and Russel and Aciobanitei 25 points each were not enough.

Tourcoing-Montpellier 1-3

Rennes-Nantes 1-3

Tours-Sete 3-0

Poitiers-Cannes 3-2

Ajaccio-Chaumont 3-1

Already Played:
Toulouse-Paris 1-3 (23:25, 25:19, 23:25, 24:26)
Nice-Narbonne 0-3 (23:25, 30:32, 27:29)


Next Round:

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