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France: Nantes asks for the postponement of the Saturday match in Ajaccio and of the championship. The press release.

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Because of the emergency conditions in Europe due to the spread of the Coronavirus, Nantes asks for the postponement of Saturday’s match in Ajaccio (recovery of Round 13), and of the championship. Recall that Coupe de France’s final four in Toulouse were also scheduled on these Friday and Saturday, but have been postponed. Below the press release:

“Official press release – NRMV

Faced with the exceptional health situation that France and the World is currently experiencing, and while several championships are frozen, the Nantes Rezé Métropole Volley has repeatedly called on the National Volley League to know its position on this subject which concerns a good part of the planet and does not stop at the simple interests of our sport.

In this context, the NRMV asked for the possibility of postponing, exceptionally, the Saturday match in Ajaccio. This request is supported by Nantes Métropole, and the Prefecture of Loire Atlantique.
Faced with the lack of reaction from our national authority, despite several reminders, we find ourselves in the obligation to communicate more widely.

Regarding the situation:
– The town of Ajaccio and Corsica have for several days been considered as “hotbeds” of the epidemic.
– Our team must travel to Ajaccio to play a postponed match there, Saturday March 14.
– Several alternatives have been submitted to the LNV to find alternatives (match on neutral ground, match following match 1, etc.).

With 12 professional players, and two coaches, the club cannot ensure the safety conditions which it is required to provide to its employees.

More specifically, NRMV wished to draw attention to the very sensitive and well-known case of its trainer Fulvio Bertini, in medical protocol against Hodgkin’s disease (lymphatic cancer).

While we all know, now, the risks affect the most vulnerable, it seems jeopardize our coach, for a “simple” volleyball match.

Certainly, the team could move without him.
But the medical profession informs us, that Fulvio could not be in contact with his team for 14 days, if he returned from Corsica as planned this weekend.

We all hope that this championship takes place in good conditions and that it is fair in sport.

Thus and following the last declarations of the President of the Republic and the attention to protect the most vulnerable people, we request the postponement of this match and of the championship in general.

The Leagues and Federations of other sports from other countries have shown us the example. Let us be responsible.

Thierry Rose and Christophe Guegan
NRMV Presidency


Source: Nantes Reze Metropole volley on Facebook

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